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  1. OBJ. He's been a known and amazing asset with a terrible QB. His QB just got upgraded. T.Hill is great, but I'd take OBJ for the upside.
  2. My Team: QB: Rodgers WR: D.Adams, Thielen, M.Evans, R.Woods, T.Locket, R.Anderson, L.Fitz RB: Mixon, J.Jacobs, T.Coleman, L.Murray, R.Penny TE: Njoku Def: NO I need to drop a player for a kicker before season start, I've been offered C.Carson for Woods + T.Coleman. This would mean I would get to keep L.Fitz as well. I know technically woods is pretty even to Carson in value, so I'm giving up more. Does it make my team better? Should I hold off and see if I can get more value after week 1? I'm worried SF is going to be terrible meaning T.Coleman
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