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  1. He's playing a decoy. Only think I can think of. Going against him figured he'd put up about 25
  2. Agree. Ty is awful at pass protection. Signed a GB fan.
  3. I would stay put. Drop Jaron Bown and pick up Doctson if he's available
  4. I'm playing Ajayi over Carson. Jay is playing in his home town. He's good for a TD
  5. Smallwood has the greater upside. If this is a bench player I would take a flier on him. If you need a instant starter then Crowell
  6. Texans coaching needs to pull their head out of their a**. I have him stashed and own Miller but Foreman is ready to bust out. This offense needs a spark and he's the match. Let the man eat. They drafted him to take over for Miller next year but he's ready now.
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