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  1. 33 minutes ago, smetana34 said:

    No backpedaling. Just not going to continue arguing with you. I've watched every snap of Packer football the past 15 years. Montgomery does not excel as a pass blocker. With no metric to prove it, you're free to have your opinion, but it is a fruitless conversation. The improvements he made are because he was down right pitiful last year and there was nowhere else to go. His usage isn't related to that; it's due to the fact he knows the entire playbook while 3 others didn't. Williams is a great pass blocker and that's why he was getting 2nd string reps in place of Jones. He doesn't excel as a pass blocker and neither does Jones. Jones is a better runner; Montgomery the better receiver. There will be a place for both of these guys going forward. That's the rest I'm going to say on the topic.


    Agree. Ty is awful at pass protection.  Signed a GB fan. 

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