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  1. Agholorious Johnson Sutton on the dock of the bay Kenny G
  2. Saints fan checking in; game script has largely affected Brees' TD passes. His yards speaking generally are up there. 200+ a game easily and has had some timely interceptions which I can understand why it has soured many owners. His fantasy stats were buoyed with some a couple rushing tds. I honestly thought about grabbing Case Keenum after the first half of the saints v skins game (of course Case wasn't available in the league I play in) but he reminded me of what he was capable of which brings me to my next point. Carolina and Atlanta are on the Saints heels, maybe
  3. This kid is 20 years old and is showing maturity beyond that of Martavis (26). You watch the TD celebrations and everyone is rallying around that energy. Hesitant on the double digit targets with Bell and Brown but analysts comparison of him to Anquan Boldin gives me some hope. It really depends on Big Ben. Ben was shaky early in the season probably why you didn't see as much of JuJu. If you play keeper / dynasty this is a strong hold.
  4. He has the ability to be the lead back, I don't think he wants to be that. I think his touches will always be limited. Go to 7 minute mark.
  5. I bought into Smith a couple weeks back as a dart throw. I think if you look at the underlying motivations and this may draw into @tts4572's comments about his exciting play. An opportunity like this for a UDFA to come in, make special teams, gained weight to be a FB now conditioned as a RB is quite interesting. He was claimed off waivers which means Dallas had the intent and interest from a get-go. You look at his fall from grace and pedigree (top recruit out of HS, third-string RB behind Carols Hyde and Ezekiel at Ohio State) to being dismissed from the team during their the c
  6. CSB plug - College pedigree - yuuuuuge. Heisman consideration, biletnikoff winner. I've stashed him in a 12 team ppr since week 5. He beat out hurns before he was put on ir. There were trade rumours for hurns in week 1 but then AR 15 went down, Dede to IR so they needed to keep hurns. Think about context, hurns was of the old regime a udfa with Florida connections to the previous coach. They want to make their mark on a new regime so I think Westbrook will get his opportunities. It appears he has been a student of the game attending all receiver meetings during his recovery. As
  7. played third fiddle to Hyde and zeke - Buckeye fans any thoughts?
  8. I have a suspicion this game will feature lots of running so I am hesitant to use Kupp. Wilson has a way of surprising us all and may force things otherwise. As a side note I have been playing Kupp since week 2; and subsequently was burned when Watkins / Gurley had their dance. 3 of his last 4 games he had had 6+ targets exception being the aforementioned game. Really I have no idea and am just playing morning manager on Sunday Football; and part of me is screaming just run it and ride the 'season averages'.
  9. I've suffered an acl injury and for surgery there are two fronts. You can graft your hamstring which has equivalent strength as the prior acl. You can also graft your patellar tendon which is actually the strongest. Modern medicine has come a long ways; however it is still a knee trauma and will have its effects. Recovery is pretty amazing - lots of individuals have come back (Nelson, gurley, now brown). As mentioned it is hard to predict with Arians dialogue (brown x2, Nelson, Ellington and of course the goat, Larry fitZ)
  10. True he came around but his debut (rookie season) was disappointing. Bush was key during the super bowl. Ingram will have his opportunities.
  11. Saints fan here, kamara is the truth. He's like the cross breed of sproles and pt cruiser. Might be a thing that is New Orleans esque; they always muff first round rbs (bush Ingram) and find value in udfa and lower draft picks. Pt, Chris ivory, now kamara. There was a reason why Sean was enamoured with cmc; hence his man crush with kamara. That value.
  12. I had had asked this fellow about his honest opinion on Crowell vs Duke. He told me Duke was the more talented back. Merci beaucoup @CL3VELANDBR0WNS (Edit | this was last year)
  13. At least one Elijah got their team the w.
  14. New cole Beasley in sf. Taylor, shanahan specialty. (Ppr slot darling)
  15. Couldn't find a thread on Trevor Davis. Returned a punt for a TD pre season. Special team leagues should consider this, 4.42 speed; solid hands from combine. He also doesn't have shingles (ala Janis 2014 outlook).
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