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  1. Just looking at the raw numbers of YPC compared to other rookies this week does not clearly show the concern for Akers. You can have a low YPC, but show flashes of skill on one or two runs in a game. However, Akers runs were all terrible and never showed anything that makes me think he could be good in the nfl. The fact that he didnt have at least one good run to demonstrate his ability is highly concerning for me and I would jump ship immediately.
  2. i'll take those 10/11 certain points from my flex, then wondering if ekeler will have a dud game.
  3. Yeah i am not saying anything about the fit of the jersey. I was saying that the way that the lighting in the photograph favors carson. Carson definitely more cut than Penny, but I dont think it is as dramatic as that photograph.
  4. Yea well he does have favorable lighting compared to Penny. Look at carsons Jersey, it looks more "cut" as well
  5. I think Eli is going to light the Eagles up. 400 yards 4 TDs
  6. too bad he sucks at kicking inside the 30 🤣
  7. Penny changes how defense's scheme because he can take it to the house on any play. The defense has to account for that, and this makes it even easier for the whole offense to flow in general. You cannot say the same with carson. Penny makes the team better, Carson may be more reliable for a consistent 4-5 yards, but we have seen how reliable he is carrying the football. LOL
  8. oh the pass blocking narrative. The thing people cling to when they realize their less athletic and less skilled fantasy asset has been surpassed.
  9. I think gilmore will cover fuller. But that is my wild uneducated guess.
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