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  1. Any chance they rest this guy since their games are meaningless and he's gotten so much work this year? Not that you don't start him, just may not get the typical usage.
  2. I'm a Ravens fan and Lockett owner thus why I ask. While Humphrey will shadow the team's 1, he doesn't play much in the slot and never has really. I'd expect him to some in this game because I think the talent drop off between Lockett and any other receiver on the Seahawks warrants it, but it won't be the whole game and all it takes from Lockett is a couple big plays. My guess is Canady will be on him some in the slot and he's banged up, so if you see Lockett across from 26 watch out.
  3. Does Lockett play in the slot primarily? I haven't watched many Seahawks games. If he's outside, he'll draw Humphrey who has shut down everyone this year, and Carr would take Metcalf. If he's in the slot, he could eat because we're so thin at nickel corner. He may get some of Humphrey regardless.
  4. I'm not sure where all the negativity is coming from. He was getting blown up in the backfield for losses all night with stacked boxes and no push from the o-line and still ended up averaging 4 yards a carry and getting 6 receptions. He is going to get TDs eventually. That breakaway run was all him and a thing of beauty. For those who say that was all he did and it saved his night, sure it did but that's why you stick to the run game. Keep pounding the rock and eventually it'll crack. Fantasy is all about volume and this guy's getting it. Titans D is good and workhorse RBs (look at CMac)
  5. Buck Allen is the PPR version of Shonn Greene circa 2011 and 2012. Fire up in the flex until Danny Woodhead comes back and grab a lottery ticket stash who you can pair with that hopefully pays off towards the end of the season. That's fantasy ramen noodles. Cheap, undervalued, and effective.
  6. Not sure why Forte gets so much hate in the rankings. He's got a consistently high floor with receptions in an offense devoid of pass catchers (ASJ) and despite his age, is the most talented back in this rotation. The Jets have been way better than expected, with the defense being good enough to keep them in games and Josh McCown actually able to move the ball at times. The more competitive they are in the standings, the better it is for Forte's outlook. Jonathan Stewart was like the #4 RB in the second half of last season. I could easily see Forte being a high RB2 ROS.
  7. Aren't these potential reasons he has a more positive outlook ROS? More weapons for defenses to account for... Plus the #1 target in an Arians offense always gon eat. He led the league in receptions last year with all those guys + DAVID JOHNSON.
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