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  1. made the playoffs, hard to believe, came in 2nd but alas... dead last in my other league
  2. Woke Lamar Jackson is this Years Fantasy Football's MVP
  3. if you've held Lockett all year and played him as a 3 WR and now your wondering whether to play him or not your in the playoffs so woke
  4. Dev, (High Draft Picks) hard to do , but I traded OBJ for Mixon outright dropped JuJu for someone, can't remember Don't fall in love with a player Stay Dynamic not Static
  5. got J Schobert, V Bell, L Ryan all top 5 in IDP in my league had a good Defense this year
  6. Can't understand why more leagues don't play IDP Playing the NFL's best Def Players is a hell've a lot better than playing D/ST
  7. Playing with IDP Players is your FF Fulfillment to your Frustrations Do Away with D/ST
  8. Sparq Freaks do's or don'ts Do's Mostert, Chark, Don'ts Jerick McKinnon any more out there for 2020?
  9. Chark is gonna' get me in the playoffs motto keep your good eye open
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