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  1. 4th missed game in a row and yahoo changes from GTD to Out. No inj tag. F..... ridiculous.
  2. In Yahoo, players like Kemba or JJJ are inj tagged and their situation is similar to Derrick`s. Cant understand what are they waiting for.
  3. Developing is not only about throwing young and unexperienced players to the floor. Developing is what OKC did last year with CP3 and Shai. And its what they are going to do with Big Al. I cant imagine a better way of learning the game of basketball than sharing the floor with a high IQ player like Al.
  4. Im sure he is gonna have a great season ala Chris Paul last year. He is in the perfect spot and only a trade to a contender can ruin his fantasy value. 15 pts / 1.5 3`s / 7 rb / 4 asists / 47%-81% / 2 stocks
  5. Hi! Im creating an ESPN league and it comes with 2 divisions by default. Im trying to change that because I want just one standard division but i cant. The League Manager tools offers that option in theory but at the time of doing it, the "delete division" box is never active.
  6. Its a shame to see him on the court. It hurts my eyes. Why would Philly want to sign him this summer? PJ Tucker takes more shots than him.
  7. Bad news https://mobile.twitter.com/scoopb/status/1104646111271288832?s=21
  8. It doesnt matter if its serious or not in fantasy terms. Best case scenario would be a mild sprain or hyperextension. That would be 2 weeks out minimum. Its so frustrating.
  9. I think he is going to play the next 4 games (some blowouts on the way may limit his minutes) and then he will sit out in both b2bs the following weeks. His PO schedule is 343. I would be really happy if i get 8 games.
  10. Sixers have scored 70 points at halftime. Butler is 0/1 fg. How is that possible? Wtf is going on??
  11. Why would the Sixers want to sign Butler in the upcomming free agency? They would give him a star salary to use it as a PJTucker... It hurts to see his role.
  12. No link. Spanish tv commenting the hot topics around the NBA during Lakers vs Sixers timeouts.
  13. I own Irving in 3/4 leagues. He is my favorite player and have to get through this process every year. He gets hurt and i spend hours checking for updates regarding the gravity of his injury. I never troll from february. Fantasy Basketball is the most important thing among the least important things.
  14. In the spanish tv, they are saying that Irving is gonna miss 6 weeks. That would be a disaster for fantasy PO.
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