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  1. He is big. In a not good way. I would describe his running style as falling up hill.
  2. Aside from the blip against Tampa, it has been a delight owning this fine gentleman this season.
  3. Certainly possible, but it’s not like you are spending a high pick on him. Grab him in round 9-10 if he’s there and if he hits you get viable WR to use. If he re-injures the foot and is out then it’s just another late pick that does not pan out.
  4. So consensus end of round 8 early round 9 is a good spot for this guy? Pats backfield is obviously very perplexing/frustrating but reports have been very positive for him.
  5. A couple of weeks before the season where are with at this with guy? He’s sitting there at the round 3/4 turn almost every time and I find myself taking him a lot, but I am never quite fully convinced. Obviously put up great numbers as a rookie and I don’t see any reason he won’t get better this year. I just have not heard much about him, which is kind of odd.
  6. It does not help that the WRs he is throwing to are straight garbage fire but he still looks way off right now.
  7. I don't know if I have had a more satisfying time dropping a player in my life.
  8. I feel terrible even typing this out but at this point who is his cuff Bonnifan(sp?) or Davis?
  9. you should pick Michael Thomas over him approximately 0% of the time.
  10. He got his 5 minutes of fame....back to the bench/practice squad/out of the league you go!
  11. So if I sell high right now, he’ll keep this production going. If I hold, he will revert back to slow plodder we’ve become accustomed to. I don’t know what to do.
  12. If you vetoed this trade I’d quit the league right then and there and demand my buy in back. Last year’s results, which you keep referring to for some reason, do not mean a single s*** towards anything this season.
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