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  1. Does anyone know what happens in basketball when a player faces suspension? Does yahoo give them the IR tag so you can stash?
  2. I don't see anywhere talking about how he won't face suspension.... In fact Rotoworld blurbs have mentioned he is getting a suspension every game he has had this season...
  3. Is he suspended or what? This is killing me.
  4. Tough to start coming up here but a solid keeper for next year?
  5. Anyone watch this guy in college and have any insights?
  6. Well we have conquered the hurdle of "is this guy actually good?" Now the next hurdle is "will the coaching staff continue to use him when Fournette is back?" Stay tuned...
  7. Playing someone from this game seems like a massive risk
  8. Moss owner and big Bills fan. Singletary is very good. For whatever reason he gets a similar treatment to Josh Allen where people just don't want to admit it and thus Moss was projected to potentially take over the backfield. I think we need to come to grips with the fact that isn't happening. Hopefully we get some value out of Moss near the end of the year
  9. I am huge Bills fan and I don't buy into this Singletary losing his job BS at all. The kid was excellent last year and now he fumbles a few times in camp and he is getting benched? He is a year into his career I don't buy it at all. That being said I think Moss still has some value this year if gets the Gore role in the offense because he can actually provide value in that role.
  10. LOL this guy can't win. He rips off a huge TD and he still sucks. He gets the majority of the work and he still sucks.
  11. Was out of the loop all day today. Was this officially announced? So he is playing week 1?
  12. They fined him again? So does this mean he won't be suspended?
  13. Feels like he has done this before and then you pick him up and he burns you. If you can get him for cheap its worth the shot though just not gonna spend a lot on him
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