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  1. Moss owner and big Bills fan. Singletary is very good. For whatever reason he gets a similar treatment to Josh Allen where people just don't want to admit it and thus Moss was projected to potentially take over the backfield. I think we need to come to grips with the fact that isn't happening. Hopefully we get some value out of Moss near the end of the year

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  2. I am huge Bills fan and I don't buy into this Singletary losing his job BS at all. The kid was excellent last year and now he fumbles a few times in camp and he is getting benched? He is a year into his career I don't buy it at all.

    That being said I think Moss still has some value this year if gets the Gore role in the offense because he can actually provide value in that role.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

    Anybody know the exact time when the Raiders announced Brown was not going to be suspended 

    A league I am has erupted a crazed owner freaked out traded AB for peanuts. The LM veto’d. The guy who traded AB said he thought he hit the deny button but he didn’t tell anybody until six hours later ... the guy who got AB wants to keep him. Lol 


    Was out of the loop all day today. Was this officially announced? So he is playing week 1?

  4. 44 minutes ago, nosh0t said:


    If he gets activated on Friday (using him in an IR slot) - does it force you still that late to drop a player even if I keep him on bench and don't slot him in?   Never had someone activated so late in a week and curious.


    In Yahoo I believe you will still be able to make changes to your lineup with him still in the IR but as soon as you go to drop or pick someone up it will block you telling you that you need to move Woodhead out of the IR spot in order to do so

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