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  1. He had back spasms earlier in the year and pulled out of the game early. I think it was against the Saints. If he's playing, I'm starting and will live with the consequences.
  2. It's clear to anyone with eyeballs that Dobbins is the best RB in this backfield. I'm no NFL coach, but I'd imagine that increasing the usage of your best RB will increase the odds of your team winning "reality" football games. I can buy a platoon for the first half of the year, considering rookie RBs tend to hit a wall later in the season, but for it to bleed this late into the season is coaching malpractice. You can certainly get by beating embarrassing defenses like the Cowboys employing this approach, but if this continues to be the gameplan against much better units, it's going t
  3. Take a probabilities course. Under no circumstances should you be keeping a kicker. Koo is a great kicker, yes, but year after year kicker success is primarily driven by randomness/statistical noise due to opportunities or a lack thereof as opposed to talent. Value over replacement level kickers is insubstantial YoY. To prove the point for those that aren't following - Justin Tucker might be the greatest kicker in league history, yet he's not in the top 10 this year.. why? Is it because his talent dropped off? No. No high stakes competitive league even has a kick
  4. The sign of a bad fantasy manager. Keeps a kicker.
  5. Coach did not rule out a potential week 14 return... certainly sounds like the best possible outcome...
  6. If we're talking PPR, then I'll side with Allen. Standard I'm leaning Metcalf. Metcalf was the #1 WR in standard scoring heading into this week after all..
  7. Well, I'd rather have Devante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Hopkins, and Metcalf, but that's probably it. You could argue Thielen, Julio, and maybe Diggs. He's certainly going to be right there at the end of this thing.
  8. Yea, it's not bias. Hasty isn't his family member or friend (from my knowledge). The columnist just likes the skillset he's seen from the kid. I don't think OP understands what "bias" is.
  9. I never understood how anyone could definitively say this type of thing with full confidence. Ultimately, only the coaches and possibly the players know. We're in uncharted waters. It's certainly plausible that they Keep William's in his same role and ride Dillon. He is their rookie 2nd round pick. It's just as plausible that they enhance Williams' role. We'll know tomorrow.
  10. Disingenuous? I don't think you know how to use that word. It's quite apparent you've missed my point completely. I'll repeat it once more for you, but encourage you to reread my posts bc now we're going around in circles. The generational TALENT was not there to justify a first round selection from a risk/reward standpoint There is nothing hindsight (nor disingenuous??) about this take... I purposely nominated him early in auction drafts specifically bc I deemed that his market value was substantially higher than his actual value. Once again, for all of those in the
  11. People are coming in here claiming that the risk/reward did not justify drafting a rookie RB in the first round, not gloating that they could predict the future. Situation is so fluid in the NFL (ex. Rams greatest show on Turf 2 in 2018 --> less than average offense in 2019). Ultimately, we'll now never know if CEH would've lived up to his first round status absent Bell, but you certainly can't use that unknown to justify the first round selection, especially when it's plausible that the first game was an outlier instead of a data point on the upper end of 1-2 standard deviations from the
  12. "Too many weapons" is such a crutch argument for a starting RB. I always cringe when I see it being used... Let's boil this down to prove the point and say you own an average (talent wise) starting RB. Would you rather that player be on the worst offense in the league with no other meaningful weapons to move the ball (ex. Jets) or an offensive juggernaut with weapons all over the field that can move the ball at will? The answer to that question will always be the offensive juggernaut b/c with it comes opportunities (yardage opportunities with increase time of possession and obviously scorin
  13. [...] no sane person can watch both of these guys play quarterback for the Chargers and confidently proclaim that Tyrod freakin Taylor out of all players gives this team the best chance to win games. It's asinine. If Lynn makes the mistake of going back to Tyrod (whether pressured by ownership bc of the malpractice of their medical staff or otherwise) they'll inevitably go back to Herbert fairly quickly. This isn't even debatable for anyone with a set of eyes.
  14. This is one of the worst takes I have read in awhile on here.. and that's saying something. I dont even know where to start.. I guess here - have you watched Herbert play football on the Chargers and have you watched Taylor play football on the Chargers?
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