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  1. Really hoping he's ready. Is it a reasonable timetable to return this week with turf toe?
  2. How we feeling about Scary today? I am admittedly nervous to start him as I was last week.
  3. How we feeling about starting him on Monday night?
  4. Looks like Mostert is playing so I'd stick with Zeke.
  5. Dobbins has been trending up and Claypool down. Claypool still has the ability for a blow up game but the safe bet is Dobbins.
  6. This is tough because TY has been hot lately. My gut still says Kupp.
  7. Claypool is a definite despite his recent dip in production. And then I’d go Gage.
  8. Need 2. Full PPR. WHIR. McLaurin (vs SEA), Diontae Johnson (@CIN) or Justin Jefferson (vs CHI).
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