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  1. Either that or pair with another high end QB2/rookie QB and hope at least one can come through as a consistent starter. I've had quite a bit of success the last couple years pairing a cheap vet with a rookie. Granted you're not going to get Ryan/Lamar or Tannehill/Herbert every year... but I definitely like Stafford as one of my cheap vet targets assuming his ADP stays reasonable. I wouldn't mind going into the season with him as my "QB1". A bit risky perhaps but the payoff could be immense.
  2. Yeah having one more interior linemen and maybe an upgrade at RT would be helpful. They already have a beast in Ragnow, a steady LT in Decker and if Jonah Jackson keeps going on his current trajectory... could be a top 10 line with an upgrade or two. Hell they graded out as the 13th best, according to PFF, this year.
  3. My mistake, you were commenting in terms of NFL team value as well as critiquing Stafford's actual NFL ability and comparing that to the actual ability of other QBs and how that affected their perspective NFL teams; so your statement, at face value, didn't come off as Fantasy related in the slightest aside from general correlation. As far as your other question, I think Stafford definitely improves in LA and he'll be more consistent. He finished in the top ten three season in a row fairly recently (2015-2017) with no running game. Not to mention that coaching surely gets a bump consider
  4. With the Stafford trade there's likely serious regression coming for the offense. I'll bet the lions let Marvin Jones walk and at this point they may even do the same for Golladay. Could be an entirely new offense aside from Hockenson and the line. They do have an above average OL and I could see them investing in it further through the draft. so that's one bright spot I suppose. A lot of unknowns. Short term I think the arrow might be down a bit.
  5. Your evaluation of Stafford seems way off. He's been inconsistent sure... but saying he can't put the team on his back and win is a load of bollocks. The dude has the 7th most comeback wins of any QB in the history of the league; tied with John Elway. One of them with a broken ******** collarbone. He has elite arm strength and more athletic then he gets credit for. He's been plagued by poor coaching and management. You saying you wouldn't want him as more than your back up is baffling. There were 8 teams that made an offer of, at least, a first round pick.
  6. Absolutely. There's been some doom and gloom in here just wanted to add a positive perspective from someone somewhat close to the team.
  7. A bit of optimism from a local beat writer? D’Andre Swift was battling a non-COVID illness after clearing concussion protocol, so he’s nearing a likely return in Week 14. https://www.mlive.com/lions/2020/12/snap-counts-ex-de-matt-nelson-steps-in-at-right-tackle-holds-own-against-bears-khalil-mack.html
  8. 21% started in Yahoo. Absolute insanity.
  9. 10 point minimum? Like Brady and Ryan against the Saints?
  10. Fixed it. A grand total of -1 pts. Book it.
  11. Like they did on Sunday? Granted this is a much easier match up but Peterson and Kerryon still don't inspire confidence. If Swift passes all required tests I don't see a reason he wouldn't play.
  12. If I'm not getting Adams or DHop then no chance. You don't trade the #3/6 overall RB (in PPR/.5 PPR) for a WR 2... Especially when half the RBs that were drafted in the top of the draft are hurt or underperforming. There's a million WR 2s popping up, RBs are so much harder to find. I guess it depends on your situation but selling Robinson for a WR2 seems like a horrible move regardless of his schedule.
  13. He's averaging over 8 targets a game... Volume hasn't been the issue.
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