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  1. Honestly don't think he's hurt. I think he keeps punk'n Vrabel and the O-coordinators at team practices for not feeding him. Only way they get him back is pulling him out game scripts. No other reason why Grendel is not being feed properly.
  2. If turkey neck could sling the ball to Colin Johnson, he can definitely get it to Chark & he'll do the rest. He's in my lineup, full confidence
  3. Early concussion. Fingers crossed he's ready next week
  4. Just bagged me 38pts, he could of smacked Tua at the end of the game for all I care..
  5. Agreed, Rolling with Henry, Gaskin, and doubling up with Paul Bunyan, and Jonnu 🤞🏼
  6. Exact same dilemma earlier bro. I went with Koo solely based on Carolina's D (25.5) giving up more points than Baltimore (18.3) on the year. I bet the Ravens D is still steaming about the Chiefs game and goes all in on the Bengals to take out frustration. That's my logic at least 🤷🏾‍♂️
  7. I did with Jonnu out, grabbed him and dropped Greg Ward for him. This is nuts!!!
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