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  1. Agreed. Would be hoping for 10+ targets, in which case I still wouldn't expect more than a 6-for-60 type stat line. But if either Fuller or Parker sits, Boyd gets the call for me.
  2. Starting him for his 10 points with upside, recognizing the reality is this guy is going to finish the week with 7 for 75 and 0 TD.
  3. Brutal. To demonstrate my apprehension regarding Bell this week (post flu + Gase + trade/friction concerns). . . with Evans out, I'm still thinking of benching Bell in favor of some combination of three of Kirk, Parker, Fuller, and Boyd. . . of which two are returning from injury and the third is facing NE. I also don't feel great about the Baltimore matchup. Their secondary is so good they are going to challenge the pass hard by stuffing the box full.
  4. thoughts on him this week at Tennessee? The Mike Evans injury and Bell ??? might force my hand with him.
  5. 8 point lead in a 0.5 PPR league with my Eagles DST vs opponent Saquon Barkley. This week should have been a cakewalk but I had both Evan's and Parker get knocked out early with injuries. Oof.
  6. I would start a scrub off the street against Miami if I know they will get 20+ touches. Problem is, I dont trust Gase and I'm not gonna risk plugging in Powell over a guy like Singletary on playoff week. (At least Gase ruled out Bell a day early to give us time to prepare). I'm going guaranteed touches & talent over matchup options 100% today. Good luck all.
  7. I know right?!? Too lazy to isolate Carolina out to see how that would adjust those ranks. But even looking at San Francisco as the #1 D against RB fantasy points, he torched them for 117 yards and a TD on 14 touches / 4 receptions for 38 yards. Bonkers. I was surprised to notice that his two worst fantasy outings this year are both against TB: 6.3 points, and 19.7 (in 0.5 PPR formats).
  8. That's a great argument. Personally, I have no idea how to handle him if Green starts. If Green is still out, I'm sitting Boyd without question in favor of Parker and/or Kirk. The train-wreck that is Cincinnati still makes me nervous and I'd rather play it safe and wait a week before Boyd returns to my WR2 slot.
  9. I'm almost 200 above the next place team currently. Statistically, a 3-win difference in expected versus actual. Similar to your position actually, likely also a 3 win swing in variance. My argument & frustration is one of statistical variance in the setting of head-to-head, which is simultaneously what you are frustrated by but also focusing on my record ironically. So sorry to trigger you though /s
  10. in defense of head-to-head, it also tends to keep things relevant for lower-quality teams longer. More variance means records are tighter bunched than the total points would indicate. It does make the league more competitive, in my opinion
  11. My thoughts as well. Planning on starting him over Boyd & Kirk this week. I think 4 & 60 is his floor here, which I'll take at my WR2 carousel position.
  12. just need to rant briefly. Averaging 137 points per week in a 12 team 0.5 PPR league but still have 3 losses because I ran into teams putting up 150+ three times . . . in our 10 year league history, the average regular season winner averaged 120 points and top average ever was last year at 127.5 points (me). Used to variance, and I think it's likely I can catch first by end of season, but dang it's frustrating sometimes watching bad teams in 1st win cupcake matchups to keep pace.
  13. Guys, this Green Baby matchup is the first defense ranked in the bottom half in terms of points allowed to RBs (per half point PPR scoring). CMC has had the season he has had against LAR (12th), TB (4th), ARI (15th), Hou (11th), Jax (28th), TB (4th), SF (1st), Ten (7th). . . . I think he might be an OK option to start this week.
  14. Option 1: Ramsey covers him, and pedestrian dalton has to look elsewhere Option 2: Ramsey gives single coverage on outside against Tate. And Bengals o line is trash meaning Rams can afford defenders to drop into coverage to bottle up inside routes along with the assigned cornerback. . . .I favor this option as most likely given that Jalen early covers in the slot and Wade Phillipps reportedly doesnt move his top CB into the slot. I think Boyd will get 10+ targets today but catch rate and yardage worries me. I see something like 4 for 50 as a final. Going Stills and feeling happy abo
  15. I like the matchup. Gambling stills at my WR2 slot with my Watson stack. And playing over Boyd. Choose choo!
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