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  1. Just wanna throw this out there, don't know what I'm expecting but I'm hoping this makes some of y'all feel better about your situation. I have the most points scored in my league and am dead last at 0-4. Also obviously leading the league in points against. I basically need to go 7-2 to have a shot at the playoffs in a league that I should already be first in. Bright side is I've got the tie breakers locked down.
  2. ? Guy was a top 5 fantasy receiver before this week u ok?
  3. I think I already won this thread this week. Playing against Ebron, Hill, and Chubb in a must win week. I've played against the highest scoring team the past 3 weeks, looks like its gonna be the fourth straight week. Lost by a combined 7 points the last 3 weeks. Cya next year.
  4. What do we expect today? KCs Defense hasnt been good lately and they lost Peters so it should be even easier for the raiders to move the ball. Thoughts?
  5. Can we all start a petition. I really need this Cam TD.
  6. How do we like him against Wash today? Is Josh Norman playing?
  7. Need to start 3 out of 4 of these guys.. Cant make up my mind. Dez Vs Wash Michael Thomas Vs Chi Kelvin Benjamin Vs TB Keenan Allen Vs NE Thinking of benching Michael Thomas vs Chi as he has the worst matchup of the bunch. Thoughts?
  8. Played cooper last second.. Also playing against him in my other league.. not sure how to feel about that call..
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