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  1. He didn’t look that comfortable out there...and after catching that ball and getting hit, looked like he maybe isn’t at the point of game readiness. Hopefully the bye helps him to heal up completely
  2. Anybody find it odd how Kamara is being used tonight? Almost wondering if he was part of this problem with Mike Thomas ...
  3. I think you may have missed my point . That RB is strategy- for my team. I have no problem loading up on RBs, WRs or whichever For breakouts, injuries etc. sorry if It appeared I was saying otherwise. There’s strategy, and there’s the guy who loads up and drops to block someone from getting something like a QB. I certainly load my bench with players that may only be used in case of emergency. I suppose that blocks someone to an extent, but I’m looking for my best team, and secondary players.
  4. I put players on my team for my team. I agree with earlier, the fantasy gods smite you. I can see changing your mind if a better guy pops. But to lock guys down with that intention is garbage . I thought this thread was going to be about making sound decisions proactively. Oh well...
  5. He’s going to get his,but so will Wilson. I don’t think McKinnon is built as a bell cow , not do I think it would be wise
  6. Would you drop Herndon or Hurst? I know Hurst is better than.i think Herndon gets more targets , but also seems injury prone
  7. I knew we were in for a strange start this year, but this was atrocious to watch. Wentz just unraveled More and more as the game went on. It looked as though they never played together. As for Scott, he’s not a starting running back inmho, he’s more of a pass catching back. That being said, the plan was not tailored to his strengths by getting him open and tossing the ball more often
  8. Not so sure it’s the coach ....Aaron Rodgers doesn’t always play according to plan, and there’s a LOT of times that jones is running open and the “oh so keen” Rodgers “doesn’t see him waving.” And throws the ball away
  9. the lack of passes has been ridiculous... this kid goes nuts in open space. I pretty much committed to sitting for the Wildcard Boone.better matchup against Green Bay. [...]
  10. Thoughts on Crowder today against Pitt ????anyone playing him????
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