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  1. Is he a hold in a fourteen team league? He's been so disappointing.
  2. I'm currently 4-2 (5th in the standings) but I've won four of the past five years and I'm not sure that I have a great shot at winning it all this year given injury problems. David Johnson went down week one for me and Jordy doesn't have Rodgers... plus CJ and Beast Mode aren't really getting the job done. I picked up Odell off of waivers in a three player keeper league and have the chance to keep DJ, Odell and one of Jordy/Kelce next year which would be really awesome. I'm wondering if I should sell off assets (Deshaun Watson, CJ Anderson, Marshawn Lynch, etc.) for draft picks next year and kind of punt this year in hopes of building a powerhouse next season?
  3. 1. Cohen 2. Thompson 3. Allen 4. Williams 5. Bernard 6. Baltimore
  4. With Winston and D. Jackson out this week, had to improvise a bit. I picked up Sam Bradford to fill in at QB but am having trouble deciding between these two Browns receivers... My gut is Coleman because of the chemistry he had with Kizer in the preseason as well as being named the WR1 on the depth chart but I'm still torn. In a PPR league I feel like Coleman is a better bet in terms of catches and field stretching plays but Britt's frame seems like an ideal target in red zone situations. What do you think? WHIR
  5. I do have some concerns but he's gonna outperform RB19. Let's say he gets Murray's 14 or so carries per game last season and plays 15 games (maybe misses a game with injury or sits out the season finale). That's 210 carries. With that offensive line and how good they are on the interior, I'm pretty comfortable penciling him in for 900-950 rushing yards. Fifteen RB's did that last year. Seven guys scored double digit TD's on the ground last year, and six of them were of those fifteen RB's. The only one not among those fifteen to score double digit TD's? Latavius Murray with 12. Beast Mode is better than Murray. I think he's a low end RB1 in standard, high end RB2 in PPR with monster TD potential.
  6. Last year's stats extrapolated over a full season would have come out to 53/661/5. Does it knock your socks off, no, but if you're getting him in the later rounds I see room for growth. Hopefully better QB play from Kizer, some targets up for grabs and hopefully a clean slate of health. If he does something like 65/810/6... you could do worse out of your flex.
  7. Eagles backfield is a mess, I also just prefer Booker's skill level to Smallwood's.
  8. Like it a lot, I'd maybe consider dealing some of your very good WR depth for an upgrade at TE, I think you have a nice set up at RB
  9. PPR league, pick a side: Emmanuel Sanders Travis Kelce for Demaryius Thomas Jordan Reed
  10. Looked pretty damn good last night, I've loved Mixon forever, has some serious David Johnson in his game. I'm pulling the trigger early in drafts.
  11. Demaryius, Jeffery, Robinson, Pryor... it's weak.
  12. I don't think it's a real cause for concern. It's an average to slightly below average unit. I think game flow is more of a concern than the line.
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