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  1. Can't look in... how many teams in league? max.reynoldsjr@gmail.com
  2. I'm interested. I'll take who you have.... max.reynoldsjr@gmail.com
  3. Desperate for points (always)... go for broke with Dobbins or play it straight with Henderson?
  4. I'll take either of your remaining teams. Please send me the invite. max.reynoldsjr@gmail.com
  5. Long time manager in search of free dynasty league after league collapse. Would prefer Yahoo, H2H with MiLB slots...but at this point i'd consider almost anything. Let me know...
  6. Long time manager looking for free keeper after previous league collapse. Preferably H2H, with MiLB...but at this point, I'd consider almost anything. Please let me know....
  7. Still need another owner? Please send info to max.reynoldsjr@gmail.com
  8. Not ppr, both should be the man this weekend.... what does everyone think?
  9. The Buffalo weather and Drew's injury has me spooked...WHIR
  10. I'd go with Winston. He'll do a couple of stupid things, but he'll get your points What about Mahomes or Prescott? Been going back and forth...
  11. I'd go Diggs. I agree with your way of thinking
  12. Now I see a torrential downpour for the Kansas City Baltimore game...
  13. Have both Mahomes (vs Baltimore) and Prescott (vs Miami)... normally it's Mahomes as long as he's breathing. But having Prescott against Miami, I'm having second thoughts. (In a league where passing touchdowns are 6 points) Which way should I go? WHIR
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