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  1. The sequence where Jalen came in for a positive play, and then pulled for Wentz who was then sacked, paints the Eagles season picture perfectly.
  2. In Yahoo I’m able to pickup any available Steeler or Raven before tomorrow’s game, except for him... Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  3. Firing him up. If you’re debating sitting him for another waiver wire WR I have to say he’s just as boom/bust as anyone there. He made his living in the redzone, so if he goes 3/30/1 I’ll be satisfied from a flex perspective.
  4. Wilson is captain positivity. He could have his dog murdered and say “the killer did a great job and cleaned up the scene nicely.”
  5. With Godwin back at practice, AB reinstated, and the Saints leading the series 1-0, it’s time for TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS FULL CANNON ARTILLERY UNSTOPPABLE ONSLAUGHT MODE *pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium transforms into a Gundam and annihilates everything in sight*
  6. Fire him up. No reason to bench him as your WR3 or flex.
  7. In most 10 - 12 teams I don’t think people are racing to pick him up. However as a Ridley owner I might snag him in case he’s inactive.
  8. That’s not shocking, it’s just flat out wrong.
  9. Not happening. Texans aren’t gonna make the same mistake twice and rid Watson of weapons.
  10. Fuller to GB ain’t happening. Houston isn’t gonna pull a BoB again and rid Watson of weapons.
  11. Do everything you can to hold him. There’s a good chance Mixon is eased back in if he’s active week 10.
  12. Surprised Crowder’s name isn’t being floated around more. You’d have to think Jets would have no problem moving him and he’d be a great fit for Baltimore/GB as an underneath option.
  13. Well that was just awful clock management...
  14. Probably a lot. But this season doesn’t care, it bends you over without permission
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