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  1. Feed this man: Top RB's for Broken Tackles in the NFL. Guess which one is Antonio Gibson Player Att Yds BrkTkl ▼ Att/Br Player A 52 181 12 4.3 Player B 22 91 10 2.2 Player C 41 156 8 5.1 Player D 29 146 7 4.1 Player E 35 177 6
  2. Can start either him, Golladay or Hilton. Thinking of risking it with Cole rather than hoping for Golladay to be fully recovered by Sunday or for Hilton to remember how to catch.
  3. If you have an IR spot, might want to think about stashing him there, picking up a high-upside player from waivers, then not making any other moves once Golladay's status changes next week (Yahoo doesn't allow you to make roster moves once a player on IR's status changes).
  4. That's the thing. No one can really say one way or another without hindsight. I think Zeke is one of the healthiest backs we've seen in a while, so I think it's a good move. For CEH, I was more worried due to his size and the hits he will take in this league. But I ended up dropping Williams because of JAG's advice, and the fact that I really don't think he'd be a bellcow if CEH were to go down.
  5. Would I be a fool as a CEH owner to drop Darrel Williams for Campbell? I also already have Hilton at WR3.
  6. He might get sent to the dog house after the coaches review film and get to this play 😂
  7. Was offered Gallup for Snell in full PPR. Really indecisive over accepting, which is probably really dumb. I should have already clicked accept before he changes his mind.
  8. 4th and 6th in DVOA in two of the three years he was DC there. If that's a bad job, I welcome that in Washington.
  9. Forgot to say, it also depends on whether Lane plays. If he’s out, fade D Jax.
  10. By the way, now that Kendall Fuller was ruled Out, I’d be more willing to risk playing DJax today. If Moreau starts in Fuller’s place, it’s almost guaranteed he’ll make a mistake in zone coverage at some point and DJax will take advantage.
  11. As a head coach, yes. As a full-time DC, no.
  12. I'm going with Scott over Jonathan Taylor in one league (0.5 PPR) and Scott over Gallup in another (0.5 PPR). As a WFT fan, I believe he'll have a big game.
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