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  1. My IR slots are already filled with Nurk and MRob, but I still grabbed him yesterday He's better than half the trash on my team
  2. The man love I have for this guy is entering new and uncomfortable territory
  3. This is why I sent some disgusting low ball offers when be was fat (Sadly , it's also why they were all rejected)
  4. he's COMPLETELY controlling this game right now (double tech incoming aayyyyyy )
  5. Mins were certainly up last game. Hopefully stays that way
  6. noticed he started. This going to be a semi regular thing with Beas suspended?
  7. He hit 2 shots all game but they were both big 3s , late Soooo theres that I guess
  8. This guy gonna bless is with his presence today or nah ? Probs nah
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