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  1. Why do people worship this trash can Wentz? I just don’t get it.
  2. You know it’s a really sad state of affairs when instead of being concerned about what actually happened during the play, good or bad, I find myself instead concerned about whether or not the refs are going to throw ANOTHER penalty. SMH NFL.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Pretty sure I’ll end up taking a gamble on the Bengals this week and hope for just an ugly s--- show of a game. So naturally Baltimore about to hang 40.
  4. Knowing Matt Mosley it was probably just a joke. He's a goofball. At least I sure hope it was...
  5. Careful patrick.... don't call someone elses opinion ignorant or wrong because you might get your post deleted. Oh wait...
  6. If they cared about not looking like idiots they wouldnt have traded a 1st round pick for Cooper in the first place.
  7. Correct. However he is awful and will continue to Beasley his way into L's because he is too stupid to know anything else. The play calling in Dallas has been atrocious for a long time, the only thing masking it was Romo and his genius offensive mind (which is now evident as a sports caster with him predicting multiple plays and analyzing defenses pre-snap on teams he never played for or against in just a few quick seconds). The difference now is the Cowboys QB is a big dumb dumb and is not smart or good enough to hide the ridiculous coaching. This is a horrible situation for bo
  8. Nope. Sorry for you Cooper owners/fans. Most likely droppable at this point.
  9. Facing Kupp, Thielen, Gurly in one league... down 90. Facing Diggs in another, 24 out of his flex is a rough start FML
  10. Peyton Manning is the goat but that’s an argument for a different thread. Brady is #2 though no doubt. I’d put Favre at 3. Myself at 4 and Romo at 5 for reference.
  11. Another “elite” defense that just sucks a** and plays like losers. Just terrible
  12. Wow disgusting! I swear teams nowadays train their safeties to knee people in the back. Total cheap shot, can’t believe it wow. am I doing it right?
  13. Hoping for a Vikings W cuz I probably won’t watch the super bowl if it’s an Eagles/Pats matchup. Just gag me with a spoon.
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