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  1. I would 100% make that trade. You're hurting at WR and could really use Sutton. You're loaded at RB so I think you can spare Coleman.
  2. 12 team, standard scoring. I'm already starting Chubb, but I'm having a hard time picking 2 out of the following 3 RBs - Gurley @ Pit Singletary @ Cle Samuels vs LAR Thoughts?! WHIR!!
  3. Definitely a win for you. Thanks for mine and sorry for the late response.
  4. I'd go with Henry. TE is a wasteland and he looks to be a top option. Anderson is good, but too boom/bust for me.
  5. 12 team standard. I'm hurting at RB and strong at WR. Should I make this trade or hold steady? My team - RB - Gurley, Chubb, Singletary, Chase Edmunds, Ito Smith WR - Thielen, A. Cooper, W. Fuller, Chark, McLaurin, Woods Thoughts? WHIR!!
  6. 12 team standard scoring, team below- QB: L. Jackson RB: Chubb, Gurley, Singletary, Burkhead, Darrel Williams WR: Thielen, A. Cooper, W. Fuller, Chark, McLaurin, Woods TE: Andrews Should I sell high on Fuller and grab Coleman? Or hold tight?
  7. I dont think you need to spend the #1 waiver on a potential one week rental. I would hold. Thanks for mine.
  8. I like Singletary but he's such an unknown at this point, especially with Gore there. If you're stacked at WR and can afford to lose Tate, I think I would make that trade. I believe youre upgrading RB and losing an expendable player in Tate. Thanks for mine!
  9. The problem with asking for Ingram is that I'm already starting Jackson and Andrews
  10. I'd start Coleman. I dont trust the Redskins and their QB situation right now.
  11. I would start Chark. He's proven himself week in and week out.
  12. 12 team standard. I'm pretty good at WR and trying to flip one of them for a RB. Got the offer in title. My team - RB - Gurley, Chubb, SIngletary, Darrel Williams WR - A. Cooper, Thielen, W. Fuller, Chark, McLaurin, Tate, Woods He also has Fournette and Ingram on his team. Is Coleman worth it or should I be asking for one of the other guys? Or should I hold with what I've got? Thanks, WHIR!!
  13. I would start Landry. He's a known quantity and the safe play.
  14. I would start Brissett. I want nothing to do with the Bengals, their O-line is terrible. Brissett has been solid so far and I think he'll continue that this week.
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