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  1. I think not really. I think back then no one gave the Pistons a chance, but entering this series, a fair amount of guys felt the Spurs had a really good chance to take this series. I believe a majority had Spurs as favorites to win the series, especially with the additional home game advantage. The only thing that would be surprising is if the Spurs win in 5.
  2. Not seven, so eight... 2/8 = 25%. But only had 4 years with Miami, winning 50%. He's also still 29, he's got time. Spurs' big 3 aging, Duncan retiring = less pressure for LeBron. So slow on the court compared to his younger days
  3. 1997-98 Bulls/Jazz? Exactly. Jordan didn't know what failure was like in the NBA Finals. Looks like LeBron is about to taste it for the 3rd time, 2 coming when he had all the help in the world. Pretty sure Lebron is doing his part. Wade 3-13 , starting 1-10 and the starters shooting 32% "all the help in the world"? It's a team game. Wouldn't put this on Lebron, it is a team game...Spurs are looking like the much better team. The last time Jordan lost a finals game was against Utah in 1998. The Bulls only scored 81 points and Tony Kukoc (30) scored more points than the other 4 Heat
  4. Duncan definitely has had the biggest impact in the game, even though the numbers don't show it. Imposes a huge disadvantage against the Miami in the paint, both as an offensive threat and as a defensive anchor. I think a good Center is all they need. A guy like Serge Ibaka would be perfect. And I guess they failed Oden as a project.
  5. I hope it's Kawhi, I really feel like he was the difference in this series so far imo One of the three. I guess it will go to whoever gets makes the best finish, puts the nail in the coffin. Definitely one of the three though. As for Heat rebuilding, they seriously need a legit Center. Getting outrebounded every game by over 10 rebounds is just sad... Rebounds and second chance points are huge. You can't rely on 3pt shooting and creating turnovers, dominating the boards and great inside presence is a huge factor for winning. That's why you will here experts crying that the Center position
  6. Hope Spurs utilize Kawhi more next season, needs more experience and confidence to up his offensive game. He's a great shooter too, he shot 52.2% FG (smart shot selection), but only gets about 10 FGA a game. The Spurs achieved a 54-12 win-loss record this season with Kawhi playing. He's the type of player that will get you wins and championships.
  7. Spurs made a pact with the devil. Miami shooting 56%, but Spurs up by 18 and not even half time.
  8. Spurs hacked the game. 13-15 FG, 4-4 3pt, 11/13 FTM I can't even remember a better quarter
  9. Funny how the Spurs lost last year because of free throws as well.
  10. They must win either Game 3 or Game 4. True but I think if they lose this next game, Miami is going to have all the confident in the world to beat them in Game4 as well. I hope the 2012-2013 Leonard shows up tonight. I don't think Miami's demeanor is going to change for either game. But if Spurs lose tonight, I would expect them to come in even more aggressive (and maybe play with more risk vs reward) the next game, as that's what teams do when their backs are against the wall. What Leonard needs to do is contain LeBron is some way without getting into foul trouble. He doesn't need to
  11. I mean they only play there once a year (outside of the finals last two years). I believe one of those games was also that classic TNT game where Pop sat everyone because of YOLO. That was a Spurs' home game, so it's irrelevant for this statistic. Winning only 1 game out of 11 games in Miami home since LeBron joined the team is still a pretty good picture of how much the Spurs struggle against Miami Home. And I don't think that it's because the Spurs play terrible in the American Airlines Arena, it's more that Miami plays outstandingly better at their home games versus road games, especia
  12. Here's an interesting stat: The Spurs have only won ONCE (last year's playoffs in game 1) against the Heat at Miami in the American Airlines Arena since LeBron joined the Heat in 2010. While losing a total TEN times in the American Airlines Arena, since LeBron joined the Heat. It's definitely not going to be easy for the Spurs to win at Miami Home even though the Spurs had the best Road game record during the regular season.
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