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  1. RIP Jelly Bean ! I still remember searching for your rookie card at 9 years old . This one hurt
  2. I hate owning David Montgomery. Every play is just so predictable for him.
  3. Why couldn’t rivers target Henry in redzone Smfh . I sat higbee for this joke
  4. the colt defense just put me out of my misery im taking a break from fantasy football
  5. I’m getting killed by a defense wtf is up with Panthers special teams
  6. So the way this is going fournette is probably done for the day
  7. Note to self Deshaun Watson ain’t it.
  8. Watson just killed any chance I had this weekend . I’m up against Lamar Jackson Smfh
  9. I haven’t seen a game but when viewing from ESPN app it appears anytime they are in redzone it could be 1st and goal on the 5 they they pass for first two downs and on third down they May consider fournette smh I need him to score next week to give me a chance . Minshew kills his value / please bring back foles .
  10. I was undefeated up until yesterday and eliminated as well . This is the third time in 10 years that has happened to me . All my best players just got injured yesterday and I honestly feel this my last year of fantasy football. It’s ruining my vibe on Sunday and Monday .
  11. Another cooper kupp owner . You can’t make this sh*% up. This is the second time this season I’ve had to deal with a donut ( Mike Evans ). fantasy is frustrating, all i needed was two catches by this man and I would’ve won this week !
  12. Anyone watch the game ? What happened ? Besides the Goff sucks stuff. 4 targets alone is just head scratching.
  13. I really thought that was Andrews . The disappointment is real !!
  14. He had a wide open touchdown that Matt stafford over threw . He looked great but with this committee it’s definitely nothing longterm. It seemed like any time he had momentum #68 on the O line would be called for holding . Im keeping for one more week or until Tuesday .
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