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  1. I would roll with Slayton. Thanks for your help with mine!
  2. With fuller active, I would roll with him 100%. Thanks for your help with mine!
  3. I would go Sanders, Hunt, Singletary. Help with mine?
  4. Normally I would go with Mixon, but not against the Pats D. Go with Mostert. Help with mine?
  5. I would actually go laird with the giants having a horrible run defense. Help with mine?
  6. I agree with the others here in rolling with boston scott. Help with mine?
  7. I would Laird. Love his matchup against a bad giants defense. Help with mine?
  8. Gotta roll with San Francisco. Don't trust the bears defense against the Pack. Help with mine?
  9. WR's I would go Slayton, Adams, and Brown Mahomes at QB Seahawks defense Thanks for your help with mine!
  10. I'm going laird as well. Help with mine?
  11. Carlos Hyde (vs Titans) Sony Michel (vs Bengala) Odell Beckham (vs Cardinals) Zack Ertz (vs Redskins) Michael Thomas (vs Colts) Help with mine?
  12. I would go Mostert. He's the hot player of the bunch. Thanks for your help with mine!
  13. I'm starting to second guess a lot of my decision making as I've limped in to the playoffs. Need some help deciding who to start at QB and WR Start Brady vs. Bengals or Mayfield vs. Cardinals? Also Pick 2: Edelman vs. Bengals Sutton vs. Chiefs Thielen vs. Chargers Watkins vs. Broncos I will help in return!!!!
  14. That's a tough decision. I'd probably go with either Breida or Hyde. Help with mine?
  15. I would go with Fournette and Josh Gordon. Thanks for your help with mine!
  16. I usually don't carry 2 QB's, so if you have another qb other than Kyler, I would drop him. Help with mine?
  17. 100% start Hyde over Godwin. I see Hyde getting better and better every week. I would also roll with Inman over Quinn. Help with mine?
  18. I like Olsen against a secondary that has been prone to give up big plays. Help with mine?
  19. Have to go Josh Gordon, Robert Woods, and Hollywood. Help with mine?
  20. I would go white and Penny for RB's and Fuller against a shaky Panthers secondary. Help with mine?
  21. For those who can't see my signature, see below: Team 1 (12 team .5 PPR): RB: Elliott, Conner, Henry, Dion Lewis, Penny, Gore, Devin Singletary WR: Thielen, Watkins, Gordon, Sutton Team 2 (12 team .5 PPR): RB: Gurley, Mack, Ingram, Lindsay WR: Julio, Fuller, Sutton, Metcalf, Goodwin, Landry
  22. I like Marvin Jones and McCoy. Help with mine?
  23. I'd roll with Hyde at RB. He's been getting solid carries for the Texans and will only get better as he gets more comfortable in their offense. As for WR3, roll with Fitzgerald. Looks like he has a good connection with Kyler and is putting up big points. Help with mine?
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