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  1. dude grant, you don't even have to score. matter of fact dont even put up a shot just keep blocking ! 4 blocks before halftime is delicious
  2. thats no excuse westbrook has a team full of players who shoot less than 42 % as well yet he gets a lot.
  3. Experts expected him to pass a lot but all he's been doing is scoring.
  4. Cut Grant some slack, at least another week, he JUST got into OKC and didnt have sufficient time to practice and learn plays.
  5. still has to do his physical examinations to get cleared
  6. im thinking of 17 pts at most with a s--- load of stocks
  7. cant really stomach those % either but he's better than Len rn
  8. thinking about cuffing him with LMA and dropping reed (gonna pick up Muscala with capela)
  9. that'd be awesome for me thanks, was confusing me a bit
  10. 2 3's 13 pts 3 Rbs 2 Asts 1 Stl 0 Turnovers? or is it Blocks.
  11. this is more for Assistant Coach forum but because people were talking about him in Dynasty/Keeper leagues, would you guys keep him in a standard h2h? (cuz i have this dude rn and im thinking of dropping him for oubre - sleeper in our league)
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