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  1. I'm trying to decide who I'll be playing at flex and RB2 spots this week. Here are the possible options: RB2 Dion Lewis (vs. MIA) Kenyan Drake (vs. NE) Flex Mike Evans (vs. DET) Josh Gordon (vs. GB) It's really a toss up for me right now for both spots. What do you guys think? Leave a link below as well and I'll try to help!
  2. Good point. I feel a little more confident with starting him now.
  3. I'm starting him, but not expecting a huge game. He's been too good to sit though.
  4. Yeah, I've been trying to figure this out as well. He was THE passing back for them a few years ago. You'd think he'd be getting more targets each game.
  5. Started the year with this lineup: Dalton (Luck on IR), CJ Anderson, Lynch, Julio, Hilton, Pryor, Delanie Walker. After I started 1-3, I knew some drastic changes had to be made. I ended up trading for Evans, Cooks, and McCoy, picked up Watson during his tear (no pun intended) through the league, and picked up numerous players throughout the season. My starting lineup now looks like this: Keenum, McCoy, Dion Lewis, Julio, Evans (might move Gordon here), Cooks, and Walker, and I'm about be 9-4 and may have the #1 seed with a win next week. So, I've only really kept Julio and Walker
  6. Yikes. Hopefully LeagueSafe will refund all of your money. How are you going to go forward this season with this guy still being the commish? I might contact ESPN as well to see if he can be stripped of his LM powers.
  7. This is a completely serious question. Josh Gordon looked great today against one of the best corners in the league and was peppered with targets, while Mike Evans' involvement has noticeably decline this season in general, especially with Winston's struggles. Would it be completely idiotic to start Gordon over Evans in the playoffs? Let me know what you guys think!
  8. Yeah, I've been considering them as well. Their defense has really poor as of late, but they've had their fair share of solid games this year (like last week). This matchup is super juicy without any weather consideration too.
  9. We've actually been up and running for a couple of weeks now. If we ever have people who drop out of the league, I can let you guys know if you are still interested.
  10. Yeah this is a bunch of nonsense. Vetoes should only take place when there is clear evidence of collusion. I would leave this league if you could.
  11. Matthew Berry has Gordon on his "Hate" List. We all know what that means... Fire him up boys.
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