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  1. And its in the post you're replying to that you seemed to ignore. He's saying pitchers now do travel ball and start throwing 3-5 innings when they're just becoming teen's instead of starting during varsity high school, college etc where your body is more developed.
  2. In OBP and SLG leagues instead of AVG like I'm in, I have always considered Gallo a stud and a steal. Got him for $12 dollars in a 14 team big money auction draft cause people get scared. You'd think everyone would know better by now.
  3. I give: Kris Bryant and Sean newcomb i get: Bryce Harper and Freddy peralta 14 team one year redraft roto league, obp and slg instead of average and qs instead of wins.
  4. Kris Bryant or Jesus Aguilar ROS? they would be in my 1/3B slot so position doesn't matter too much, wondering which one to include in a trade first. Bryant's shoulder is starting to scare me more than Aguilar's lack of track record. OBP SLG league, not AVG EDIT TO ADD: Re-Draft league no keepers
  5. I think if he struggles in the 2nd half cause of what happened it will be from the mental aspect of this issue more than play time or role or long term suspension. We'll see how it plays out.
  6. same for me with eovaldi and odorizzi. lets go
  7. Guy in my league dropped Jon Gray, would you pick him up and start him today?
  8. I started Castillo, cause I'm a masochist I guess. He didn't hurt my ratio's and got 10ks. After the leadoff home run I expected worse.
  9. Full rebuild mode with freeman Harper and arenado? What? This is dumb edit: I’d keep Soto and meadows
  10. Probably albies, but I don’t own him and everyone on this forum who does seems to hate him
  11. I have Pivetta and if someone offered me Rendon for him I'd laugh all the way to the bank
  12. This is insane. I own both of these guys and Hader is basically untouchable. He can get like 8 k's in 3 innings. My league does count holds though
  13. Andujar probably but I think the difference might be negligible. Depends on Cabrera's situation if he gets traded probably.
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