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  1. How much % on Jordan Reed? Have Henry and Gesicki. Weak at position.
  2. Is this guy worth trading for? [... [
  3. 100% no brainer. I think Rodgers and that packers offense turns it around. Loved seeing them explode for 21 early.
  4. Ito Smith, Justin Jackson, Marvin Jones, DK Metcalf, Malcolm Brown, Miles Sanders.... WHIR My team: non ppr Wentz Gurley, Mosert, Brown, Ito, JJ, Sanders John Brown, DK, Godwin, D.Adams, Marvin Jones TE: Hooper
  5. I personally wouldn't trade for TG3 right now. Carson and Chubb are much better RBs.
  6. non-PPR. RBS are Gurley, Mostert, Miles Sanders, J. Jackson, Ito Smith, M.Brown (pretty bad, i know) its a keeper league and gurley and D adams are my keeps, pretty solid at WR with godwin, j brown, m. jones, d. metcalf
  7. Locked in with Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley as RB 1 and RB 2. FLEX: Dion Lewis @ Miami, Lynch @ KC, K. Drake vs NE Who would you start out of those 3? Thanks, - leave link WHIR!!
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