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  1. Can only play one, assuming Chark plays. Kenny G is my WR1 and we have one flex which JRob is currently in. Would you start Chark or Parker? leave your link!
  2. Thanks for responding to mine - I’m in the same boat as the posters above...you’d be too thin at WR. I think you have solid depth right now. gl!
  3. Thanks for the help with mine - that’s tough...I think I’d go Kupp. Not sure Higbee’s going to repeat last week and I think there’s better options than guessing what the backfield will look like this week. Parker would be my second choice. Good problem to have with so many flex options. Kupp - Parker - Higbee - Gibson - Henderson good luck!
  4. Who would you rather flex? JRob tonight or McKinnon on Sunday? other RBs are Henry and JT, one flex spot. leave your link?
  5. I think I’d go Jones here with Kenny G being out
  6. Chark and Robinson for me - thanks for the help with mine!
  7. Need one for my WR3 - right now I have Miller in with Godwin out but keep going back and forth. leave your link!
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