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  1. Fantrax head to head total auction fantasy basketball league has openings. Auction is Sunday night Oct 17th. We acquire your first 16 players by auction. Fantrax points scoring. Website sets your best lineup each week. No trading. Send me your email for more info.
  2. Monday January 11th. We also changed the start time of the auction to 8:30 pm Eastern Time. One open spot left in the league!
  3. We have openings in our Fantrax total auction hockey league. $75 entry fee with all money going to prizes. The auction to acquire players will be monday night January 12th at 8 pm Eastern Time. Points based league with Fantrax's default scoring for a best ball league (the website picks your best lineup each week) No trading. Send me your email address if you are interested.
  4. One spot left in our fantrax head to head total auction league (this Thursday 8 pm Eastern auction). We acquire ALL players each year. Fantrax points scoring. Website sets your best lineup each week. Send me your email if interested.
  5. 2 spots left Fantrax Auction set for Thursday December 17th at 8 pm Eastern Time. Send me your email address if interested and I can send you the rules.
  6. We have openings in our fantrax fantasy basketball league. $100 to enter (managed by League Safe). All league fees go to prizes. Points based where players earn points in this way: Each Point - 1 point Each Assist - 1.5 points Each Block - 2 points Each Rebound - 1.25 points Each Steal - 2 points Each Turnover - minus 1 point Head to Head play with playoffs. No trading. Prizes for playoff winners and overall season points earned. Free agent processing once a week. If interested send me your email address and I will send more details. Online auction is Thursday night December 16th.
  7. You pick the winner of each NFL game every week and rank your picks from most confident to least confident. If there are 16 nfl games in a week, for example, the game you are most confident in gets a rank of 16, 2nd most confident 15, down to the winner you are least confident in with a rank of 1. For every right pick you get that team’s rank added to your total score. We use the first 16 weeks of the NFL season. We do not use week 17 of the NFL season. If the season is shortened due to covid19, we'll use the number of weeks that are played to determine the winners. $25 per entry and you may submit multiple entries. All money goes to prizes minus the contest website hosting fee. send me your email address if you want to play or want to see the rules.
  8. bump - still looking for that 12th owner in a 12 team league. If you ever wanted to try a total auction league (auction for all players) this is your chance.
  9. bump - still one opening. This 12 team league is well established (entering its 7 year) with a good group of owners. send me your email address for more info
  10. We have one opening in our total auction NFL fantasy football league. $100 to enter with all money going to prizes (fantrax website and league safe used for fees/prize distribution). Live auction on the web Thursday night Sept 3rd. This is a “low maintenance” league where the website automatically sets your best lineup each week (no starting lineups to set), no trading, and you get one free agent transaction a week. If you are in other “draft” fantasy leagues this league is a nice complement and different – you can get any player you want in the auction if you are willing to pay the “fantasy dollars” price. For me it gives me the chance to get players I really like but missed out on in my "draft only" leagues. send me your email address if you are interested and want more info.
  11. We have one spot open in our Guillotine league, $50 entry fee managed through league safe. This league is different than other guillotine leagues out there in that it is best ball (the webpage determines your best lineup each week from all your players) and one free agent move is allowed per week. This places an emphasis on good drafting and strategic free agent moves. A guillotine league, in case you aren't aware, is setup so that the worst scoring team is eliminated each week. 17 teams. After 16 weeks the one team remaining is the winner. Prizes paid to the top 5 finishers. Send me a message with your email address if you are interested.
  12. The contest is now full. thanks to those of you who responded.
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