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  1. I "won" by 0.18 points, but I wouldn't be surprised if I end up losing once the stat corrections are finalized. 50/50 chance is how I have prepared myself mentally. So who knows, maybe you'll get a stat correction in your favor!
  2. No stat corrections for my players or my opponents! (or at least, none that favor him). I'm ahead by 0.18 points, no players remaining on either side. Going to sweat it out until Thursday morning!
  3. Not familiar with the terms... care to enlighten me? 😎
  4. I haven't heard anything in any the other channels I monitor... even if he did confuse Darrel and Damien, I don't see the logic in that move! Keep an eye on EE... and if you have an IR slot open, consider a claim for him!
  5. I need OBJ to get more than 37 points (PPR) but less than 45 (non-PPR). Going against your own player(s)... one of the downsides to playing in more than one league, as I am sure many of y'all know!
  6. I would bench AP. Good luck! (thanks for the help on mine)
  7. I vote Thompson as well. And Maher in the dome. (thanks for the help on mine!)
  8. Hey! My opponent has Evan Engram. I have Jared Goff or Daniel Jones. 6 points per TD in any form. Obviously, Goff has way more NFL experience and it seems less likely to get a complete dud from him than Danny Dimes (such a small sample size and all). But... going against EE, maybe I can play "keep up" if he scores a boatload of TD's? Will help in return, drop your link when you reply! Thanks!
  9. I see your auction draft has passed... are you still looking for a replacement to manage the team? If so, please PM me with the roster, I am more than likely interested. Thanks!
  10. Keep an eye on Michael Clark - WR, GB. Tall (6'6") but still pretty fast. Could've had a much bigger day last weekend, but couldn't haul in a target in RZ. Let's see what he can do this weekend at Detroit. Might be a good stash in deep leagues.
  11. Yes. Freeman gets majority of touches even if both are 100%. Hoping for a big game this week!
  12. In my main re-draft league, we switched to a 3-keeper format last year. After week 1, I was pretty bummed with DJ going down and figured my team wouldn't be very competitive. But thanks mainly to Gurley and Kamara, I am in the championship game! Won the league last year, too. :-D Even if don't repeat, my 3 keepers are all likely top-10 picks... Gurley, DJ and Kamara.
  13. Gurley at pick # 25 was pretty darn good. And Cam at pick 89, although I wasn't so sure about that after the first 3 weeks. After winning the league last year, hoping these guys can bring me a repeat!
  14. Did anyone see him hurt his wrist? If so, how bad did it look?
  15. I'm in a very similar boat, but for me its AJG or JuJu. I think in your case, Goodwin is a surer thing that Green. Sure, MJones did good against Rhodes but he has Stafford throwing to him. And Rhodes was possibly playing at less than 100%, having hurt his calf the previous game, and that a Thursday game so he didn't have time to rest/heal.
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