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  1. I guess I wonder why you're so confident that AB isn't the one who poisoned the relationship with the team. Do you think the locker room is in love with this guy? My money would be on the direct opposite.
  2. Trading for Melvin would decrease their chances of obtaining that new QB. That's why they won't do it. That's far more important than paying Melvin a boatload of cash, while also jeopardizing their draft stock, just so they can have a good player in the most interchangeable position in football for a couple of seasons - one of which they are intentionally trying to crater.
  3. Hope can make people wishcast some bizarre things.
  4. Dolphins are taking, they are not going to trade for Gordon.
  5. Hill has a more clear path to relevance. I think Darwin is just a backup. I'd drop Thompson for Hill and keep Pollard in case something happens to Zeke. You can rest easy knowing you have the Cowboys backfield wrapped up.
  6. You always hate to lose a top guy, but that's probably the necessary price. I would give it a whirl.
  7. I like Fitz this year. He's still the #1 WR on that team which is going to play a lot of snaps, and Fitz should be Murray's most reliable target. There's a reason they signed him to a one year deal knowing Murray is going to need some help in his rookie year. Not as high on Davis as TN figures to run a lot. Green is more of an unknown since his return is still murky and we don't know how he'll look once he returns. If this were me, I would strongly consider it.
  8. Really struggling with this. I don't normally carry two TE's or two QB's but for some reason I can't let one of the backups go in a 12 teamer. I feel that Watson is fragile... and even if not, Winston could be decent trade bait. My TE situation isn't great, but I think Reed will be good until he's hurt, and same with Eifert. Who else is CIN going to move their offence through? He's been good while playing. Plus, it's not even 100% Reed suits up this week although all the coachspeak points to yes. Thinking of punting Adrian Peterson even though my RB depth is poor. As you can see, I
  9. I think you have to go with the best RB or WR available. We had a guy last year who went double TE with Gronk and Kelce, and it just didn't work out for him.
  10. Here are the results boys, let's hear it: QB: Deshaun Watson (Jameis Winston is available - pick up?) RB: Saquon Barkley, Kenyan Drake, Chase Edmonds, Justice Hill, Alexander Mattison, Adrian Peterson WR: Davante Adams, Chris Godwin, Kenny Golladay, Larry Fitz, Curtis Samuel TE: Jordan Reed, Tyler Eifert Streaming D, Streaking K Thanks! Will help if you need it.
  11. I'm going for it. It's either that or Eifert for me. If he's gonna go out there and grind away his body, I'm gonna roll with him. As long as he's playing he should be productive.
  12. You have great RB's and I don't think the Fitz performance was a fluke. With David Johnson out and their poor WR depth, the Cards are going to need to rely on Fitz going forward. I'd stay put.
  13. That's my concern too. I have a 3 strong WR's but nothing after that. With this trade I give up one of them for upgrade at RB but then I need to fill another WR or flex spot and who takes that position? Seems like I would be getting thinner at WR for marginal RB upgrade.
  14. I know - I need to drop and replace Sproles. Maybe Woodhead. Thin WW. Here's my team: I obviously need RB help. I like Parker a lot, and am being offered Doug Martin or Chris Carson straight up for him. Should I bite? Ask for more? 1 pt. PPR league. Thanks, and I'll help if you have any questions of your own!
  15. Exactly. So this is a guy who is the #2 back on team that is going to run frequently. And the last post on him was over a month ago. No one is talking about Booker even though his injury is short term, he's behind a back who has struggled in the past, on a run first team. Just wondering why he's being so brazenly overlooked!
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