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  1. Still debating my flex spot. Would you start Landry@NYG or Drake vs PHI? Edmonds hasn’t been practicing this week but looks like he will play. Thoughts?
  2. I would do this trade. Waller isn't Kelce or Kittle but he's right there win them. If Adams comes back healthy off the bye then that is a HUGE upgrade over Deebo. Then maybe trade one of your other WR's a QB for a QB upgrade. Check out mine:
  3. Thanks for mine! I think I would do that trade. JJ hasn't looked great this year with his hammy issue and while Ridley was a bit banged up he was putting up high numbers. I like Hunt without Chubb for sure, but when he does come back then Hunt and Mixon are pretty close. It's close, but i would do it.
  4. I would say Samuel....49er's have big concerns at QB and their offense looked terrible last week. AJ Green has a hammy issue so Higgins could get a bump. Calypool and Slayton also have pretty big upside. check out mine:
  5. I wouldn't do it either. Waller is a top TE and Ertz has seen a big dropoff this year. You could use an upgrade at WR so I don't hate the idea of packing Waller with one of your non-DJ Moore WR's.....but Fuller is too inconsistent to be a real reliable upgrade over what you have. Check out mine:
  6. I'd still go with Calypool for pure upside. Shenault seems like kinda a gadget payer. Check out mine:
  7. Yep, they are pretty close. I give the nod to Henry as the Charger should throw more consistently. Plus with Ekeler out and Allen hurting his back last week, Henry could get more looks. Check out mine:
  8. I would say you have to do it too. CMC and Kamara is ridiculous. I would pick up Herbert but maybe still try and upgrade through another trade at QB/WR since giving up Ridley hurts your WR core. Maybe Taylor/Conner/Gibson paired with either Hollywood or Fuller for a WR? Or add in Herbert or Bridgewater for a WR/QB upgrade? Either way I would do it. Check out mine:
  9. In a PPR with a RB/WR/TE Flex would you do this trade? I give: Dalvin Cook, Alexander Mattison, and Lamar Jackson I get: James Conner, Aaron Rodgers, and Jonnu Smith. I am 1-4 and looking for a win. Also all of the guys I would be getting are past their bye weeks while none of the guys Im giving have had them. Also not feeling great with Higbee....... My Roster: QB: Jackson RB: Cook, Ekeler, David Johnson, Gaskin, White, Mattision, Kelley WR: Kupp, McLaurin, Boyd, Crower, Higgins TE: Higbee
  10. Thanks for mine! Yep, I'm going Miller in a PPR for sure. Harris looked good, but a lot of that production came from one big run. Without Newton I doubt they move the ball all that well and I kinda expect a low scoring game with a lot of punts. Miller for me
  11. Thanks for mine! I would do this trade for either Evans or McLaurin.....but I think I would give up Evans. Can't seem to get healthy and really Tampa has not looked all that great. When everyone is healthy he will have to contend with Godwin, Miller, and two Te's for targets. Hopkins is worth the upgrade as he is a target hog when healthy
  12. Tough one......I think I would go with Gage. He looked good before the concussion and being 'eased in' last week. ATL will have to throw and JJ/Ridley are banged up. Tampa seems to do the opposite of what I think every week. I could see tonight being a gross lowing scoring game without a lot of production. Jones got loaded up on the carries last week so I could see that happening again too. Check out mine:
  13. Tough one......i think Higgins off the bat. I like how much CIN is throwing and him and Burrow seem to be connecting. AJ Green has not looked good and if Im CIN, I want to see what the rookie has. Close between the other two, but I guess I would go with Gage for having more upside and being in an offense that will have to throw a lot. Plus JJ and Ridley are banged up. Check out mine:
  14. I think I would do this trade. Ridley has been great up till last week which had to do with injuries Im sure, but you have Adams and Thomas. Woods is a good stop gap until they both return and is actually a nice fill in since Ridley is banged up. Don't love Drake this year....he doesn't look good and isn't producing. Jacobs and Mostert are both strong options when healthy, but are a bit limited by their commitees. I like the upside of Gibson being 'the guy' enough to move from Ridley to Woods. Also Johnson > Edleman when healthy. Check out mine:
  15. In a PPR would you do this trade? I am sitting at 4-0 and the other team is 1-3 with some question marks on his roster. I give: Kupp and Dalton Schultz I get: Michael Thomas and Jonnu Smith I wouldn't be surprised in Thomas doesn't play (or is limited) until week 6 after the bye. Who knows if Jonnu and the Titans play this week against the Bills with everything going on. I would be playing the long game while the other team would have two startable players this week. I also have Andrews and Higbee to fill in at TE. Godwin is out leaving me thin, so I would likely drop Matt
  16. Thanks for mine. I would go Robinson and Woods at WR and Brown at the flex. He is actually playing KC this week and has the biggest upside in what could be a high scoring game.
  17. Sounds crazy, but Gaskin may have more upside than Bell and he is much healthier (at least for the moment). Bell has never looked good in NY and now dealing with a hammy injury on an atrocious offense. Gaskin is averaging 5+ ypc and getting targets/catches. MIA will be playing from behind and hard to put too much stock in Breida or Howard. I would stick with Gaskin and see how it plays out. Couple more good weeks and maybe package his with one of your top 3 RB's for a stud to someone that needs depth. Check out mine:
  18. Davis and Shenault as well. Landry is dealing with a hip still and I really think CLE wants to run A LOT especially vs. that good pass rush Check out mine:
  19. In a PPR would you do this trade? I give: David Johnson and Higbee I get: Dalvin Cook and Engram Johnson has two tough matchups coming up but should get volume. Higbee coming off a huge game, sell high? Vikings look terrible on both sides of the ball (Vikings fan here) but Cook has found the endzone, worth targeting? I also already have Mattison on my roster. Engram worth targeting with Barkely out for ROY and Shepard on IR? Also picke up TE Schultz on waivers so could play matchups with him and Engram. Thoughts Roster: Prescott Zeke, Carson, DJ, Pollard, Mat
  20. Aiyuk has a lot going for him assuming he’s fully healthy. Rest of the WR core is sub par. Even once Deebo comes back Aiyuk could have a role. Coach speak about loving a guy is one thing, but trading two draft picks is another. Kittle being out frees up some targets and also weakens the run game a bit as he’s maybe their best pound for pound blocker. With their weakness at WR and playoff aspirations I would want him getting as much run as possible I dropped Reagor for Aiyuk this week. Don’t like the look of the Steelers/Ravens coming up after what the WASH D Line did to Wentz. 49er
  21. With how you guys looked I'm sure you can't wait . Just hoping Hunter and Ngakoue are healthy next match up to some some heat on Rodgers! He could made and eaten a sandwich in that clean of a pocket. Hope Wentz can stay healthy for ya, and if not one of the other guys lights it up!
  22. Awesome reply, thanks for the input! Plus I have Jackson and we have bonus points for big plays (40+ yards) so the potential there with a Jackson/Brown stack would be sweet. Considering your name, I'll take it you've watched your fair share on A. Jones. Vikes fan here.....boy did you guys dice us up last weekend.....hope we can put up more of a fight at Lambeau
  23. I would do that trade too, you got good depth at RB after cmc. Hill will help if Golladay is banged up for longer and will be a great duo once he gets back check out mine
  24. Yeah in a heartbeat for sure. It’s an ankle sprain he’ll be back and dominate. CMC and Thomas, just claim your trophy now check out mine:
  25. Thanks for the help on mine! Safety Rivers, upside D Jones. Jones looked good at times against one of the best D’s in the league last week. Bears aren’t quite the nightmare matchup as they were, SF is stout up front but you saw ARI tear them up....plus I’m just seeing Sherman is out three weeks. I’d go with the upside in Jones. Great receiving back and also contributes with his legs Check out mine
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