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  1. That's my point. A couple minutes either way don't matter. If someone thinks that means a coach is dumb, that's fine, it's not a big deal. It seemed like you we're genuinely upset about someone thinking Gentry is stupid. If you're going to be condescending at least do it on a subject that matters. He was quoting me buddy, aka referring to you.
  2. You really feel like Gentry would've been risking Zion's entire career by leaving him in for a couple more minutes? You're being condescending as hell about if a coach is dumb or not for playing a guy 18 minutes vs 20-21 minutes in his debut. Think about that, critically.
  3. Dude that's just how it is when a player has a massive breakout. Sam Bowie had a decent enough 10 year career and the only thing anyone knows about him is that he was taken ahead of Jordan. Not comparing Doncic to MJ, but my point is that I don't think it's not a knock on Bagley as much as it is praise of Doncic.
  4. I would be shocked if they played Zion at the 5. He's only 6'6" and the future of their franchise with injury risk. On top of that the Pels are terrible. I really can't think of a single reason for them to try Zion at the 5 this year. Maybe in future seasons, maybe, but not likely.
  5. Right now Bagley is simply not very good at the 5, where he got most of his minutes last game. Bagley definitely has the most upside, and he's going to get playing time since they just drafted him at #2 last year, but that doesn't necessarily mean that today he's the better player. Bagley doesn't play good defense or stretch the floor, at least Holmes can do one of those things.
  6. Well said. This situation also comes down to how much the Kings want to win. Right now Holmes is a better player than Bagley, so if they somehow stay in playoff contention that's good news for Holmes. I'm hoping the Kings play them both together, but I worry it would be similar to the Knicks terrible lineups with Randle and Robinson together.
  7. Agreed, he'll probably be in the 26-28 minute range most nights with everyone healthy. That's enough to still be a solid contributor around top 100. IMO he's due for a dip in FG% considering he was around 43% in college, but solid production with top 50-60 upside when others are out is more than fine for a waiver add.
  8. I think something near 44% is reasonable considering how much he attacks the rim instead of settling for jumpers.
  9. Yup baiting is a good way to put it. He did something similar on one of his steals, he went over the screen, Kemba kinda got past him and then he wrapped around and poked the ball free. His recovery is so good that it allows him to play crazy aggressive with much lower risk of giving up the easy bucket. As opposed to Harden or Whiteside hunting for steals/blocks respectively while sometimes playing poor real life defense.
  10. Under the recent transactions there's a tab called FAAB bids. If anyone else bid it will show up here, but nothing shows up if you're the only bid.
  11. I spent 30 out of 100 and next highest was 20. Don't regret it at all, sometimes you have to overpay a bit if you really want someone. Top 100 looks pretty safe with top 50-60 upside, and you get him for a full year instead of saving that FAAB cash for the trade deadline or bad drops and theoretically only getting a couple months of production (that matters more for roto than H2H though).
  12. I consider him a big, albeit an unconventional one.
  13. Fair enough, but it's a tough award to win if you're not a big. Kawhi is the only recent one I can think of.
  14. Looked like a very promising debut. His length and quickness is a rare combo. Bold non fantasy prediction: DPOY within the next 5 years.
  15. Yep, in roto you have to be very conscious of a players strengths and weaknesses. A guy like Westbrook is great in H2H points due to the popcorn stats, but significantly worse in roto by hurting your percentages and turnovers. I'd try a quick google on all the differences because it's honestly a lot to explain and I don't want to derail this thread. Also just an FYI when people refer to H2H on here they are generally referring to H2H categories, which is a third type of league with a weekly opponent seeing who can win the most categories in a given week. If you see anything about p
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