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  1. If the monkey could read he would be very upset with you.
  2. At least Jansen’s cutter has looked a bit better
  3. Well, Paxton did have one pretty good year. Better than most people, time to hang them up
  4. Didn’t they say he was just spiked when he stepped on first? What’s the injury
  5. Holland isn’t getting ready, up 3, which is interesting...
  6. Fingers crossed. I’ve fractured a finger before and not known it was actually broken.
  7. Funny you make that comparison, I have a tendency to draft a young high upside guy around his ADP with arguably more risk that ends up either busting or just being worse... Last year it was Meadows, the year before it was Vlad 😂
  8. After drafting Cruz pretty consistently for several years, once he left SEA I was convinced he would nose dive off a cliff. Needless to say I feel dumb every year.
  9. Anyone else on here that plays frequently? These days I have a good chunk of time, I was thinking about starting a Rotorworld regiment on MW if there’s interest...
  10. There's an app. It's not great but it works
  11. Seriously. Awesome work dealing with us all, coordinating and being on top of everything
  12. C - Will Smith 1B - Carlos Santana 2B - Tommy Edman 3B - Matt Chapman SS - Fernando Tatis Jr. OF - Ronald Acuna, Aaron Judge, Andrew McCutchen, Kyle Schwarber UTL - Alex Verdugo, Shohei Ohtani BN - Mil Myers, Brian Anderson SP - Mike Clevinger, Lucas Giolito, Tyler Glasnow, Lance Lynn, Carlos Martinez, Joe Musgrove, Dallas Keuchel, Joey Lucchesi, Jose Quintana RP - Archie Bradley, Adam Ottavino, Ty Buttrey, Joe Jimenez Happy with the team, RP is weak, but easy to fix throughout the season... Thanks for the invite fellas
  13. Let’s close this thing out and get some feedback boys
  14. We are all in quarantine, there isn’t much else to do. Join the league!
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