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  1. Need better play calling. Get some high percentage throws to bell in space and let him do the work. The flat is a less haunted place to throw the ball
  2. Definitely a bust...has a decent playoff schedule but honestly he’s too lost in the sauce. Best case is he is traded to a team that throws to a TE before Tuesday but I seriously doubt it
  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing him get traded to the Seahawks before the deadline. Other than that I guess we just hope Goedert gets less share moving forward...
  4. It’s all about projections. Once the receivers you project to outscore a set of RBs and underperform the ones in front, that’s where you draft them. The trouble is that everyone often disagrees on where to draw that line. Another way of looking at is is that you need to maintain an advantage at a different position since you are at a disadvantage for not being able to draft the elite bellcow backs (snake format). This mindset I don’t agree with though because it can lead you to overdrafting a certain position even though there are others on the board with higher projections. I thi
  5. Pretty sure the fact that they didn’t even attempt to establish the run is the reason they lost this game. As far as fantasy goes, it’s hard to start him moving forward if he’s capable of disappearing like this. I had him pencilled in for 10-12 touches regardless of who was or was not healthy.
  6. Takes exactly what the line gives him and nothing else. One of the worst backs in the league in broken tackles. Jason Garrett is also stupid.
  7. It’s apparent to me by now that his workload will be capped at 10-15 touches no matter who is or is not active, and I’m ok with it. Drafted him super late and he’s now an every week flex at minimum, I’ll call that a win
  8. I’m about to be 3-1 so I’m really fine, just my objective opinion watching him run. Maybe I’ll feel different at the end of the season
  9. This is the first year I’ve owned Zeke or closely watched his game. I’m not impressed. He is definitely not a 90 million dollar player DeMarco Murray was exponentially more dynamic behind this line
  10. 1. Would have obviously liked to have seen a larger work load on the ground. 2. The fact that Goff sucks and the jig is up so to speak on their entire offensive scheme caps everyone’s upside. 3. HUGELY encouraged with all of the action he got in the air. Overall, moving in the right direction in terms of just Gurley I guess. 4. Hopefully the coaching staff recognizes the adjustments and gets him more work.
  11. Chiefs should try to trade for this guy or offer him a contract when he becomes a free agent
  12. Bought low. His usage has to go up for them to keep winning, their scheme is so one dimensional without his deep involvement, Goff sucks and can’t do it himself. I’ll panic if they sign CJ Anderson, but until then I expect his involvement to increase
  13. I’m baffled that he got the workload he did. I’m not benching him ever again
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