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  1. Have Deion Jones and Blake Martinez in a tackle-heavy league. Considering switching either for Gerald Hodges based on matchups (GB allows few LB points and Hodges starting now and good matchup). HELP! Advice? Thx!
  3. Dillon Brooks or Caris Levert if you had to pick one?
  4. Is everyone preferring Kroft over O'Leary?
  5. FWIW the trade caused some stir, but was thankfully upheld. And there was much rejoicing.
  6. Sounds like mine! I just accepted and so should you! lol
  7. I'd pick up both Ellington and Gallman. If you had to choose 1, Ellington. I don't trust Lacy and the situation is so fluid. Ellington has had great spurts in the past and CJ isn't much significant competition to take away his piece of the pie.
  8. exactly! once this trade gets processed I'm jumping on McFadden until we figure Zeke's life out.
  9. I took it and am now sweaty from how fast I ran! Can't believe he offered it. Thanks everyone! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something glaring. I'll still help with everyone's q's!
  10. Benches in 12-team are overrated, IMO. Get rid of the depth for a starting lineup upgrade. But I also feel the same way about the second team on a smaller scale. I'm not a huge fan of Doug Martin, so I'd trade him and A. Jones for a RB upgrade. Or at least sell high on either (or Gallman). Otherwise that one looks good.
  11. I also have LeVeon, Doug Martin, TyMont, Kamara, McGuire I wouldn't do yours. I feel like you're selling low on Julio and can get more for him. Not a huge fan of Lockett, either. I also don't think Ingram is going to be phased out.
  12. 16-team PPR. I have massive depth at RB. I give: Chris Hogan Latavius Murray I get: AJ Green Of course, right?
  13. I feel like if that's medically accurate for his situation then you gave a reasonable conclusion/prediction.
  14. Based on my very limited understanding, carrying the trait can cause complications but it also does not mean it always does, but it also isn't sickle cell disease, which was quoted above. My point is just that we don't know and just because someone is hurt doesn't mean that it has anything to do with having the trait. It might, but I don't see how we could know that, especially based on us not having any real medical insight on the situation/medical background to support.
  15. I think it's moderately absurd for any of us (me included) to be talking at length about medical issues such as this unless we have some background that validates our statements. That being said, I do know that sickle cell trait is not the same thing as sickle cell disease. While it seems apparent according to more reliable sources that he did miss a game due to sickle cell trait complications last year, that doesn't mean in the slightest that he has sickle cell disease.
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