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  1. Agreed, there are problems with both groups. That's why I would like to see more of a joint approach where both voter pools vote every year. This and making all votes public would be steps towards holding each group accountable.
  2. My problem is making characters judgments on someone based on literal interpretations of the memes they post. That seems like an exercise in madness. You don't know someones character because you saw a meme they posted.
  3. Do you take all memes literally or just Curt Schilling's ? I can't believe I have to ask this. 90% of the social media population would fail the character clause if posting/sending something inappropriate was below the bar. Can we do better than twitter memes to judge someone's character ? In 1995 Curt Schilling was awarded the Lou Gehrig Memorial award. The Lou Gehrig Memorial Award is given annually to a Major League Baseball (MLB) player who best exhibits the character and integrity of Lou Gehrig, both on the field and off it. In 2001 Schilling was awarded the Roberto Clemen
  4. Yeah, I think it'll be a straight platoon with Flores. Flores is too good against lefties and LaStella not so much.
  5. I see your point but not sure I'm buying it. About 40% of the voters revealed their ballots this year. I'm gonna guess it's around that number most years? If some can reveal why can't they all ? I don't think any of those who revealed are fearing for their lives or being harassed. It is just baseball. At least, it's suppose to be.
  6. Schilling has the 2nd highest WAR of any pitcher not in the HOF behind only Clemens and he's ahead of guys like Carl Hubbell, Don Drysdale, Sandy Koufax, Justin Verlander, Bob Feller, Jim Palmer, Juan Marcial. That's not even touching his post-season accolades. Being a donkey should not preclude someone from being in the HOF. Things I would do to fix the HOF voting. 1) Have both the veterans committee and media vote every year. If you get 75% from either one, you're in. We have all seen some of the ridiculous ballots submitted by media members. I think this would put pressure o
  7. Has anyone seen Four Games in Fall ? Great documentary for anyone that had an opinion on Deflategate...
  8. The Bucs were so loaded it had only been 13 years since their last playoff game. 🤣
  9. Hot Take: They should award the defense possession of the ball any time the ball is fumbled out of bounds. Don't we have enough rules favoring the offense ?
  10. The answer is, no one cares. These seasons are gravy. He's already in uncharted territory. Brady is 43 years old throwing for 4600 yds and playing in post-season football. Meanwhile his "rival" Manning is a couple years away from diapers.
  11. You know it's the postseason in this forum when Brady haters come flocking to his thread to play mental gymnastics and try and convince themselves he's not the GOAT. They are a resilient bunch, I'll give them that much.
  12. Are you counting steroid guys ? I assume so. I will say, it gets tough when you play the "if this guy got in, then this guy should get in too" game. Harold Baines is the latest example. I don't think Todd Helton should get in but if Harold Baines is in then Helton should get in too. Why should Brooks Robinson and Ron Santo be in and not Scott Rolen ? Hoffman is in, so why not Billy Wagner ? Wagner was probably a slightly better pitcher than Hoffman. He didn't do it for quite as long as Hoffman, but you can at least make a case.
  13. I don't know what this means. I have no control over the process and neither do the players. Player's go to the veterans committee when they're eligible. Personally I think he has no chance this year coming off an election. Maybe next year since it's his last. If not, looks like he'll be era eligible for the veterans committee in 2024.
  14. I'm pretty sure teammates and coaches would be speaking out about "the worst person in the world". If you think so lowly of baseball players that they'd give someone so heinous a pass, why do you even watch ?
  15. Have his teammates or coaches spoken out against him ? Have they called him immoral or lacking in sportsmanship or character ? I could care less what bloggers and twitter thinks of him. If his teammates and coaches respected him that's good enough for me. He's gonna get in through the veterans committee anyway.
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