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  1. sorry for the delay, Id go TY (garbage time) Sanu (almost guarantee 5/60) and JuJu coming off the big game
  2. Need to start 3wr, 1RB, flex. RB Kenyon Drake DeMarco Murray Derrick Henry Elijah McGuire WR Corey Davis Martavis Bryant Josh Doctson Mohammad Sanu Currently rolling Drake in the flex Murray at RB Doctson, Sanu, Davis at WR Thinking about sitting Murray for McGuire They all seem like gambles except Sanu 5 catches 60 yards What you guys think? WHIR , please link. Thank You!
  3. ya you should have accepted it, easy accept..specially with bryant coming back hasnt done anything but still another talented mouth to feed in an offense ran 70% by bell and brown. Take it and run. congrats on a great deal
  4. 8 team league haha does it even matter i guess iam valuing people as if they are starters..if you like it do it...in a standard 12 i would pass...8 league it dont matter
  5. not a reason to make a trade that slightly favors another team, i would try to target another WR straight up for Mixon then , what other WR does he have that you can go after? you already got hopkins who will get his but some days he will suffer from QB play , same with fitz but maybe worse. Not saying to not trade those guys, I am saying I would target another WR
  6. I would not make this trade. Mixon stock is going up. TE's can be streamable Tyrod and cam are fairly even low end QB1s So we can look at this trade as mixon and olsen for fitz and walker. Fitz has qb trouble and is a high end WR3, Joe Mixon is a low end RB2.RB's scarcity cause them to hold more value. Olsen > walker by a notch when healthy. I would counter if he has a WR2 with no QB troubles. thanks for your response
  7. Mike Evans being suspended , i got 4 long shots..need to start 3 who would you start of the bunch? Martavis Bryant Corey Davis Josh Doctson Mohammed Sanu Which one to sit. Right now iam leaning towards sitting bryant but he has the best matchup. Sanu has been a solid low floor/ceiling WR. Thoughts? WHIR with link. Thanks
  8. As a Bears fan, I would challenge that assumption
  9. Thinking of throwing this out there. Fairly deep 12 team league need a RB. MY WR are Fitz M. Evans M.Bryant M.Sanu C.kupp J.Doctson MR RB are DeMarco Murray D. Henry Buck Allen Thomas Rawls W.Gallman Thanks! WHIR with Link
  10. If ppr this is alot closer. Id go duke PPR Perine - none ppr
  11. Ajayi cuz you have to. PPR- Buck allen Non PPR- Hyde
  12. Both a risk.. Ask your self whats worse... player puts up a dud because he got re-injured Player puts up a dud because he didnt get volume, or sucked Tough call , I would go monty just because where you drafted him. Brown very well might score more.
  13. Twilliams best shot for TD in a shootout id go with him. 2nd, Smith-Schuster could get a lil more volume this week. Maybe worth a shot see how it turns out for you? 3rd, Gabriel is my least fav...not sure why..gut
  14. 0.5PPR Flex Wayne Gallman or Elijah McGuire. Gut is saying Elijah McGuire because of match-up...but it seems like every time i choose based on match-up, the opposite happens. WHIR, post linke. Thanks!
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