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  1. Exactly! As of right now there are 54,999 confirmed cases in the US and 785 deaths. They are estimating there are 5 to 10 times more people that have it then is reported. On the low end 5 times more is about 275,000 people in the US have it right now. Let's assume out of the 275k the death rate goes up to 1,500 people, that is half of 1% death rate. I'm not discounting that 1,500 is still a lot of people, but it's not nearly as bad as the numbers they are trying to scare everyone with. More than 22,000 people have died from the flu in just the US alone this flu season, while about 20k ha
  2. this is tragic. I've never seen someone fall from the spotlight so hard and so fast. Pray that he gets himself some help
  3. I will never have this guy on my team ever again!!!
  4. Seems like Rivers decided to just stop looking his way. Been watching the games and quite often when he's open Rivers isn't even looking at him and tries to force it into double coverage to one of the WR's or throws it away. It's ridiculous, especially after the success they've had throwing to Henry
  5. Seriously? Two receivers on the same team passing 1,000 yards happens all the time. There have been 5 instances where a team has had three 1,000 yard receivers in the same season.
  6. [...] Carson seems to still be the lead dog, but Penny has definitely closed the gap.
  7. If you don't think this season so far has been a bust for Kamara than you are delusional. If you were to redraft right now based on his production this year, he wouldn't go anywhere near a top 3 pick like he did for practically every preseason draft. Not even close!
  8. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/extra-points/2007/worst-running-back-seasons-all-time He's having a historically bad season. Could end up being the worst statistical season of all time. If you're going to be awful, ya might as well go for the record books. I'm rooting for ya kid!
  9. Benching him, but I have Julio and Kupp
  10. I'm forced to play this guy with C Carson and D Henry both on bye. I'm expecting 15 carries for 30 yards and 2 catches for 2 yards. Sure hope I'm wrong
  11. Saw that scary 49ers D and benched him. Doesn't really matter who he plays though, Carson is going to get his
  12. Amari is as elite as elite gets. I started this year saying top 10, then top 5, now I'm saying top 3 and that still might be too low. Glad to have this megastud on my team
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