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  1. It wasn't just him he took the shot but MPJ should of went to the basket.
  2. Wall is going nowhere. Neither is Gordon because I can't see anyone taking on that contract.
  3. I would take Fox. Bit beware that it could hurt your ft%
  4. This is a redraft so not sure if it that makes a difference
  5. I would take it because it seems those player's may sit during your playoffs and who knows when CJ comes back.
  6. 12 team league 15 players to a team. Only 1 IR spot. I am currently in 3rd place 4 games out of 1st. The 4th place team is 10 games and 6 games behind me. AD owner is in last place. My team Embid Westbrook J.Randle Zion Ingram Keldon Johnson (Hurt) CJ McCollum (IR) Bazely J.Wall J.Allen E.Payton D.Rose Saben Lee H.Barnes (walked off with a limp last game) Beasley Playoffs start March 15th and 8 teams make it. So, do I pull the trigger or stand pat? Leave a link.
  7. It's hard to gauge who the pick-up is between Vanderbilt and McDaniels. Vanderbilt has been more productive throughout the year, however, McDaniels is the better defender imo. I think McDaniels will be the guy long term, but for now it may be Vanderbilt. Who knows, maybe they play Vanderbilt at the and McDaniels at the 3 for long stretches of the game.
  8. Might be a nice end streamer today if he plays the 4. Going against the Bulls & Lauri Markkanen.
  9. I agree bone contusions are tricky but it didn't look like much. 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞 Let's hope they don't see anything on the MRI and they pulled him out for precautionary reasons.
  10. Here's a question. Rockets rotation Wall, Oladipo, House, Tucker, Wood, Gordon, Cousins, Tate. That's 8 guys locked in. So 9th is either McLemore, Porter, Nwaba, or Brown. Not a lot of minutes for Porter to be fantasy relevant at this point. He's a speculative add, but don't be surprised is he irrelevant.
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