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  1. Remember they signed Jabari Parker. Not saying he is good, but neither is TT. It's like choosing what turd is more shiny. Just my opinion.
  2. Josh Lloyd thinks he could be 12 team relevant. It all depends on what you are looking for. I grabbed him in a 30 tm dynasty which was a no brainer. But he can get some 3s boards and occasional steals.
  3. Beasley comes back today. So let's see who the odd man out is. Is it Vanderbilt or McDaniels.
  4. Diallo is one of the worst shooters in the league. If you expect the numbers he put up when all the Thunder players were out, you will sadly disappointed. Pick him up but I rather have Bane.
  5. He is the 125th ranked player in 9 cat. In comparison, Marvin Bagley is the 187th ranked player For all of you saying he is underwhelming, what do you expect? He is steadily giving you 1.4 blocks per game. That's pretty damn good. Not all waiver wire picks are going to give you 20+ points a game. But this man is contributing across the board. Itay not be seen, but I also don't think they run many plays for him (although I could be wrong.) He was a beast in Toronto when giving the playing time and I think he will surprise a lot of by the end of the year. Great dynasty guy for sure, but having
  6. What is light without darkness? Bane needs to be scooped... 🕯💡🕯💡 1st - awesome job as usual. 2nd- such an underrated movie 3rd- that quote makes me appreciate you so much more. Keep up the great work and I think I speak for all of us, we appreciate your post.
  7. It wasn't just him he took the shot but MPJ should of went to the basket.
  8. Wall is going nowhere. Neither is Gordon because I can't see anyone taking on that contract.
  9. I would take Fox. Bit beware that it could hurt your ft%
  10. This is a redraft so not sure if it that makes a difference
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