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  1. I like the Bazley pickup. We have him on our team and IMO is a better stash than Dort Thanks for help!
  2. Great points everyone. Thank you! Right in line with our thinking for the trade. Trade did not go through.
  3. Keep Lamb. He has opportunity and is just coming back from injury.
  4. Take KAT. Drummond has less opportunity after his trade while KAT is still a stud
  5. Def pick up Lamb. He gets you 3s and pts with the opportunity window in Ind
  6. Yess 100%. Garland will get you pts and assists. Lamb will get you pts but assists rank lower
  7. I'd say fair trade. You get KAT who should be a stud if he stays healthy.
  8. 100% yes. Grant and Ingram are studs. Plus you get CP3 for assists
  9. Another vote for hold. I don't like Stills. Thx for help with mine.
  10. I don't like either players but I'd rather have Dobbins over Golladay at this point ROS.
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