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  1. The real question is, how many pounds of muscle did Hurts add? 😆
  2. Bernard leaving just barely moves the needle for me. Still a crappy team and an unreliable player. There's a range where I'd draft him, but you know he'll be overdrafted.
  3. Well, he does have quite the ego, but...f----- it. Harris is locked in.
  4. He meant a blowout loss for NE. Personally, I think we'll get the typical TNF sluggish offense/defensive struggle. I'm not overly worried about gamescript but am still little concered if the touches will be there.
  5. Tough Thursday matchup. I think you generally have to start him but I will be benching to play Diontae Johnson this week.
  6. FWIW, a Boston friend seems to think Michel will still be involved because he's a first-round draft pick that was widely criticized and Bill will want to vindicate the pick. That sounds about right. He also thinks it will be a blowout, but I'm honestly not so sure about that.
  7. Cam Newton is the biggest threat to TD upside, true, but I'm pretty much beyond that in this game. My judgment will be based on potential touches. Cam will eat into that a bit, but as long as Cam's rushes keep the offense moving, that's a positive in my mind. Concerning Michel, at first glance, I think that his workload being confined to garbage time seems like it was just a case of a backup getting work in a blowout. But these are Patriots RBs we're talking about and it's the fantasy playoffs. I feel like you can never be too sure with this team. Bill's approach forces you to overthink the RB
  8. I don't know, I have the same questions. I don't think it's really clear right now whether last week was evidence of his regaining the lead role or simply a situational anomaly. I will say, though, in regard to that article, that I would think Michel playing more on special teams would seem to indicate that he's still the backup.
  9. What should we make of Michel's 11 touches last game? Cause for significant concern? I thought losing Burkhead would increase Harris' opportunities, but Michel seems to have killed that. Although, I could see it having been that Bill went with the second RB in a blowout to preserve his top back. It seemed like Harris got most of his carries in the first half.
  10. True, but gameflow doesn't seem like it will be favorable in this matchup.
  11. Are there any reasons to be optimistic this week?
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