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  1. Team in sig Our FAAB waivers go through today at 11 (~40 mins from now). I currently have a bunch of bids in trying to get any of Kerwynn Williams, Buck Allen, Amendola, Golladay, Agholor, with my drops being Jamaal Charles and/or Woodhead. Should I put a claim in for DJ dropping Woodhead or Charles instead? Or should I drop Derrick Henry or James Conner for a claim on DJ? I really like having Henry and Conner, as they are RB1/RB2 material in the event of an injury to Murray or Bell (I have Bell, obviously). I just don't know if I can get to the playoffs with DJ taking up a bench spot - we only have 5. But Henry and Conner are also just taking up space unless there's an injury, as well.
  2. 5 bench. Was 6 but we add a second FLEX so we take away a bench spot
  3. does this still make sense? I know it's probably far from over, but still
  4. If he wants me to add Conner as a handcuff for Bell, should I ask for Doug Martin? Or am I getting a little greedy there
  5. for me it's a go - gronk can be the biggest game changer in football, but you have to know you are taking a risk with his health. I think ARod to Brees isn't that huge of a move down and CJA to J Stew is a decent downgrade (but you have the RBs to make up for it),but Bennett to Gronk is a huge upgrade. So I think your team can handle it, just be comfortable with that risk/reward help with mine?
  6. keep DJ! Ajayi/Miami is not what I'd call rock-solid on confidence (at least for me) and though OBJ is better than Keenan, if Keenan stays healthy, I bet they finish a lot closer than you'd think. But the main reason is DJ.. But should I keep Bell? Thoughts?
  7. jvfantasy nailed it. I might would take Zeke over Julio only because of Julio's injuries every year, but it's definitely not suicide either way help with mine?
  8. does it matter that the guy I'd be giving Bell to has DJ? after this trade, his WRs would be ARob and Sanu, in a 12 team ppr. That'd be his only 2 WR. His team as current is below: Russell Wilson DJ / Zeke / Lynch / Gillislee / DMC / Doug Martin ARob / Baldwin / Sanu Hooper
  9. I'd stand Pat. I have a feeling about marvelous Marvin this year. BUT I'd personally go with Garcon if you made one of the deals, in Shanahan's offense that role gets a TON of usage
  10. Me neither but he's starting Montgomery and Riddick for his RBs and is deep on WR. I'd roll with his team if I were him but this is why I always ask around. Try and exploit insecurities. This means I'm starting either Moncrief or Tyrell Williams though ? soooo
  11. He was thinking about it! Man if Luck had at least been practicing I probably could've sold it ?
  12. Team in sig. 12 team 2 flex Been trying to trade for Thomas. His owner is WR heavy and needs an RB. I am bullish on Woodhead this year but if I can parlay him into Thomas I think I probably should, given that Keenan Allen and Davante Adams are no guarantees. So I offered Woodhead and Tyrell Williams to get the conversation started, then bumped it up to Woodhead and Moncrief. I think he'd do it but he's worried about Luck, understandibly. So should I offer Woodhead and Snead, given my team, and the fact we start 2 FLEX? That would essentially move Moncrief or Tyrell Williams into my starting lineup. Thanks!
  13. Any other thoughts? Are Foreman and Lockett the obvious drops?
  14. Team in sig - so I cut my D/ST and K right after the draft to pick up a couple of fliers in Lockett and Foreman. Since most starters aren't playing this weekend anyways, I figure its about time to get those positions filled again. What two players should I cut to make room for a D/ST and K? I'm thinking Lockett and Foreman, the guys I picked up. I don't think I can afford to drop Conner (because Bell) and Jamaal Charles looks like he's the RB2 behind an inconsistent RB1 on a run heavy team. Thoughts appreciated!
  15. Being that we have 2 flex spots, is team b weaker? Team A projects flex as woodhead and Snead and team B as Snead and diggs or moncrief. Team b - Rb2 is supposedly a downgrade from ajayi to woodhead but WRs are better with Evans/Pryor vs Allen/Adams. I think they are close but team B has more premium players i think
  16. probably should've added the starting roster makeup on the original post, but its: 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 2 FLX D/ST K Obviously D/ST and K don't factor into my team evaluations here
  17. 12 team PPR redraft. Which team is better overall? A K Cousins L Bell,J Ajayi,D Woodhead, D Henry, J Charles, J Conner, D Foreman K Allen, D Adams, W Snead, T Williams, D Moncrief, T Lockett K Rudolph B K Cousins L Bell, D Woodhead, K Hunt, D Henry, M Mack, J Conner, D Foreman M Evans, T Pryor, W Snead, S Diggs, D Moncrief, T Lockett K Rudolph
  18. Agreed. Winston did look pretty great last night, except for the one boneheaded toss-up at the goal line, but that's something he should clean up by the season. I like your team a lot, especially if Nuk has someone to throw him the ball. Love the Henry pick, big on him this year. Hyde, CJA, and Gillislee could end up being what wins the league for you. Also think Brate is vastly undervalued this year - we will see how it turns out.
  19. Very nice team. Love the Henry handcuff and Snead as well. If you were to try and go get a top WR, I'd try Allen or Sanders and Abdullah. Probably won't get you a top 10 WR though - lots of skeptics on Abdullah (though I like him this year) and people are scared of Keenan's health and Sander's QB (which is exactly why I'd try to trade them - I'm trying to rid myself of Keenan as we speak). I don't think Flacco does you any good, but if you think you need 2 QBs, he should be a fine backup later in the season. I would entertain trading Murray and Sanders for a top WR, IF you don't have to include Henry. I just have a feeling this year Henry will have a huge season, for one reason or the other. Just an opinion, though. Overall, if you don't make any moves, I think you're still solid, especially being it's a 12 team league.
  20. 12 team PPR Redraft Help me build a package for Mike Evans - I'd like to get Keenan Allen moved in the deal... I see his biggest weaknesses as RB and TE MY TEAM Cousins Bell, Ajayi, Woodhead, Henry, Charles, Conner, Foreman K Allen, D Adams, Snead, Tyrell Williams, Moncrief, Lockett Rudolph OTHER TEAM Newton, Luck (he had to autodraft partially, as he was at a wedding) Fournette, Coleman, Perkins, Forte, Breida Evans, Dez, K Benjamin, Diggs, Hurns Doyle
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