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  1. Kawhi is going to play 4, OG is going to play 4, Ibaka is going to play 4, CJ is going to play 4. If you think anyone outside of Kawhi and Lowry is guaranteed min on this team I think you are nuts. Who left that was eating his minutes before?
  2. I don't think its an issue of Jimmy refusing to play but of Taylor making promises to KAT and Jimmy. I don't think there is any way he ever plays for the TWolves again. So if he doesn't get traded I think he sits with a "wrist injury" until Taylor can make a deal. Doesn't seem like there is a big market for him.
  3. Entirely depends on whether you have an IR spot, etc. He isn't going to have the usage for gaudy stats. Someone took him EARLY in my draft.
  4. Kaminsky shot 38% from 3. What are you talking about?
  5. Burks looks great but can't get any burn because he can't shoot. I wonder if the Bulls would have any interest in him. Tough to ask what looks to be a lotto team for a 1st for what amounts to an expiring.
  6. He has actually played really well this year; almost undeniably the best of the three Cs. So while I have ridden the Henson train into forest fires in the past, this time I am the engineer (sadly he was picked up opening night in my league by someone fascinated by his Hensoning) In years past his fantasy achievements have largely come from a place of poor basketball (coming over flailing at anything tends to get you blocks but the team just ends up getting scored on as no one is home to rebound the backside). This year it hasn't. Could be a small sample. Could be he is fine in
  7. If you buy into puff pieces like this you should stop. I can't count the number of times I have taken **** like this at face value and gotten burned. Noel is a UFA, having turned down 70M. The Mavs will be rebuilding. If he isn't in their plans or doesn't stay on the straight and narrow this could go sideways easily. That said, I think there is a real chance of him having a great year. He put a $65M bet on himself. That says a lot.
  8. How bad are the Bulls going to be? When do you take the 1st Bull? Who is it? There are just too many stats for a team to not have SOMEONE get them. I was expecting Mirotic to be that guy but they seem disinterested in developing him and he has barely gotten minutes off the bench in pre-season.
  9. You got your 3s with 3 guys that aren't in the top 100 in 3FGs?
  10. As KAT matures and Cs around the league shrink he is going to play more min at C, especially backup minutes. They brought in Taj who does a lot of the same things Dieng does but is a more physical player and they brought in 2 scorers that are decidedly going to take touches away. He is a fine player but I'm not touching him with a 10 foot pole.
  11. I like him. I plan on drafting him. Just like I did with RHJ last year.
  12. Not only was he on the block, they didn't get any interest.
  13. One of them got 25:00 + in 4 of the last 5 games and it wasn't Trill. The Skal/Trill/WCS trio is not ideal. Too bad because I kind of like Skal/Trill running the court with Fox.
  14. Uhhh... Papagiannis plays the same position and is younger. Not sure I buy this "has all the min he can handle" stuff.
  15. He got his money and his development ceased immediately. And at 41% from the post, I cannot imagine he is going to get another season's worth of post touches.
  16. I just don't understand. He has never played 800 min in a season at any level. Hurt his back his Sr year in HS. Missed a ton of time at KU and played ~650 min. Has played 787 min in 3 NBA seasons and is not cleared to play 5v5 at this point. If you take him in the 3rd rd and he gives you what you have gotten over the past 5 years your fantasy season is all but finished. I mean feel free, especially in all my leagues. I know I won't be.
  17. There are two types of injuries, acute and chronic. Acute means a single event caused a break/tear/sprain. Even the worst of these, Shaun Livingston's, is something you can come back from given time and rehab. Some acute injuries, especially Achilles, a second ACL on the same knee, etc can cause permanent loss of speed, etc. But largely given the strength of S&C in the NBA guys should come back to form over a period of time. Chronic is when it is a long developing injury. If your joints are bone on bone there is no "healing" that. Favors has chronic knee proble
  18. I'm actually curious about the Bruski 150 but I am not paying $9.99 for it.
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