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  1. Drafting my 12 team PPR Redraft league right now and debating on who to draft at this spot. Team so far is D. Murray, Crowell, AJ Green, Pryor, and Tate. Options on the board: Woodhead, Powell, Sanders, R. Wilson, Snead., Garcon, and a long shot of Devante Parker (who I think will have a sneaky good year) Thoughts here?
  2. Yeah, there's no way he's there at that point. He's going to get drafted in Round 6 or 7, so I need to make sure I get him but obviously I can't pass on surefire starters.
  3. I took D Murray in the second round of my 12 team ppr redraft. I obviously have to cuff him with D Henry. How soon is too soon to take Henry? His ADP is 75, but I absolutely have to get him on my team. What does everyone think here?
  4. Grabbed Nova a few weeks back and Bundy has looked really good as of late. Has a good matchup again with OAK at home. Do I drop Nova for him in my 10 team roto keeper league?
  5. I grabbed D Roberston last week because I felt like he could really help my ratios and he has the chance to get a save every now and then given Chapman's problems now and demotion. Minaya has looked pretty good, so would you roll with him and drop D Rob instead? On a side not, I'm debating on trying to get Gioloto in my lineup, but don't know who to let go. This is for my 10 team keeper league (1st in signature below). 1) Yahoo 10 Team Keeper Roto 5x5 (Keep 3 for 3 years) C: Realmuto 1B: Goldy 2B: Villar 3B: Machado SS:Segura OF: Benintiendi, Cruz,
  6. I'm on the clock in my 12 team PPR (2 Flex RB/TE/WR) redraft. Took Green with 1st pick and now I'm trying to decide on strategy. Leaning towards addressing RB in round 3 and 4, but my options right now are: Ajayi or Murray and Dez, TY Hilton, Cooper, or Baldwin. I'm leaning towards Dez, because 1) Elliotts suspension increases his utilization 2) the developed chemistry in off season with Dak 3) his numbers last year after returning healthy. Help please.
  7. Dude has been slotted in my second UTIL slot for roughly 98% of the year. Love looking at some of these idiotic comments from people who "THINK" they know fantasy sports. Every player goes through a slump at some point during the season. Manny Machado? Dude has been on fire since the ASB. Before that, he was worthy of sitting but you can't just sit the guy.
  8. Sitting in 8th out of 10 in 10 team ROTO keeper league. Only 8 points separate myself and the 3rd place owner so it's fairly close race this year. I just acquired Charlie Blackmon and gave up my 4th round next year to do so. Good value IMO. I'm looking to possibly trade for a high output 2B, 3B, or C such as Schoop, Moose, or Sanchez and an elite pitcher with low era and whip potential. One of the teams at the bottom who is out of contention has been willing to shop for picks next year. He owns Schoop, Moustakas, Marte, JD Mart, Beltre, Ozuna, Knebel, Rivero, and Stras. I'm not rea
  9. The strategy and method you've outlined is similar to my gameplan. The stats that I'm behind in are Runs, as you've mentioned, and AVG. With R's I'm only 4 runs down from picking up 4 pts, so that is achievable. Especially with the addition of Blackmon who should provide instant boost in that cat given he's leading in runs this year. AVG, I slowly expect to start increasing because my team is finally hitting consistently, so I wouldn't say there's much I can do there other than hope and pray. Saves, I will just have to punt because there's really no catching up there. Unless you begin the seas
  10. I'm currently sitting at 7/10 in my 10 team ROTO Keeper league. Just made a trade yesterday which I'm happy about: Received Blackmon, and a throw in draft pick for Reddick and a 5th round (2nd round after keepers) next year. That pretty much sure's up my keepers for the coming years with Machado, Goldy, and Blackmon. With me being 19 pts out of first right now, is there any reason for me to continue working some trades to get some better players or is it just nonsensical to think I have a chance at contending this year? My team has started coming around as of late and I have the ba
  11. @Bobby Blue yes Reddick may be a drop. I dropped Moncada for LeMahieu.
  12. Can only keep three and right now it's looking like Goldy, Machado, and Severino.
  13. Not sure either. Been out there for a solid month and a half. Keeping Villar strictly for SB potential ROS which I need. Off day fill in as well.
  14. Not really getting any use out of Benintiendi in my 10 team roto keeper league. Considering dropping him to use for streaming or fill in closers. Thoughts on this? He is not starting over Cruz, Yelich, Pham, or Reddick right now.
  15. I'd lean towards Gray and Rodon too. Rodon really shouldn't be owned in any format, outside of deep dynasty leagues. Guy has been absolutely horrendous.
  16. In my 10 team ROTO keeper league, DJ LeMahieu has just been sitting on the WW for quite some time now. I'd like to pick him up since he will help tremendously with my BA and the struggling Villar. Right now, the only player I'd be willing to drop is Moncada. Is this the right play for the ROS? Moncada wouldn't be kept since we can only keep 3. Roster: C: Realmuto 1B: Goldy 2B: Villar 3B: Machado SS:Segura OF: Yelich, Cruz, Pham UT: Zimmerman SP: Quintana, Severino, Faria, Kuechel, Tanaka RP: Diaz, Ramos, Devenski, Doolittle Bench: Benintiendi, Reddi
  17. Syndergaard has a torn lat muscle. Out at least a couple months.
  18. He wasn't healthy last year which is why his numbers were poor. If you go back previous years, he was an elite pitcher. So, as long as he stays healthy, then yes he is for real. But the chances of him making it the whole year aren't promising.
  19. Left game with apparent leg injury. No bueno.
  20. Kind of bummed I missed out on this guy in all my leagues. I had him pegged before the season started and like him as a breakout player. Sucks for me.
  21. If he matches his production from last year and gains eligibility that will call for a celebration.
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